5 Top Tips to Local Search

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If your a company that targets the local area you want to do business in, then the internet can be a vast place. Your website can be offered up to a global audience through all the major search engines, but that can be your main problem, the world is a big place and with lots of companies offering similar products and services it’s important to get your SEO right at a local level.

You may assume that because your website clearly states your location, Google, and other major search engines know where you are, but this isn’t always the case. So start telling search engines where you are with our ‘5 Top Tips to Local Search’:

1. Add Your Address
It sounds obvious but be sure to make your address visible on every page of your website, it’s not enough to hide it away within your contact details page. Place it neatly in the footer alongside other relevant information and links around the site. Your website footer needn’t be boring, it’s a non-intrusive way to store important information without detracting from the page content.

2. Use A Local Phone Number
Along with your address your phone number should be included on every page, the footer is a great place for this and so is your websites header. Avoid using 0800 and 0845 numbers where possible as it doesn’t tell search engines anything about where you’re based.

3. Refine Your Content
Where possible include the name of your town or city within the content of your page – the more information for the search engines the better. However don’t force words into the content where they’re not needed, it’s far more important that information on display reads correctly for your users.

4. Contact Pages
If you don’t have your address details on your contact page you’re missing a trick. Simply having an enquiry form isn’t enough, use your full address alongside your local phone number.

5.Page Titles
Your title tags are probably the most influential of all when it comes to getting your Webpage to rank. Make sure they not only contain the search term(s) (or phrase) you’re targeting but also your location. If a user is looking for a Web Design company they’ll likely search for ‘Web Designers In Andover’ or Web Design Salisbury (or whatever location they’re in). Adding your town or city to your page titles is a sure fire way to get more relevant traffic.

By targeting what’s already on your doorstep you’ll be laying good foundations on which you can build upon. Follow these 5 simple steps to Local SEO and monitor your websites progress over the coming weeks, you’ll be sure to notice a difference.

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