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January 9, 2012 ~ by

At FHOKE we have a couple of logo design projects on the go at any one time, each and every one of them is different in their own way and how they should be approached. Some can be fairly simple and others a little more tricky. We thought we’d share this one with you as the process used helped get the project done in record time with outstanding results.

We’ve worked with Caley’s a number of times now and we know them well. After a brief conversation about a logo design for an exciting new web project we got to work. Here’s a quick step-by-step account of how the project was run:

Step 1 – Establish A Look And Feel

Establish A Look And Feel

 After our initial briefing we had a pretty good idea of what was needed of us. What wasn’t clear was where they wanted to take the logo in terms of look and feel. To establish this we created a contact sheet containing a mixture of logos all with varying styles. We asked them to tick the ones that caught their eye and cross out the ones that were unfavourable. This gave us a good idea of what they liked, and ultimately what to avoid.

Step 2 – Generate Ideas

Generate Ideas

Before jumping on to a Mac we picked up a pencil and started to jot down some ideas. These ideas didn’t need to look pretty, we simply scribbled whatever came in to our heads. To the untrained eye these scribbles look like scrap, to us there are potentially 8 to 10 ideas that we can decide to use or refer back to at any point. We never discount ideas either, even ideas that seem silly can come in handy further down the line.

Step 3 – Produce Detailed Mockups

Produce Detailed Mockups

 Now, at this point we tend to do one of two things. Either jump on a Mac and start drawing, or in this case, simply sketch them out. Granted, sometimes it’s much quicker working visuals up in Illustrator but in this case we envisaged using hand-drawn fonts with particular attention paid to the styling and illustration. To create 3 good quality concepts styled in this way would of taken quite some time, so good old fashioned pencil and paper looked to be the best way forward. Sometimes you just can’t beat the old way of doing things.

Detailed Mockups

 These mock-ups gave Caley’s a really good idea of how the finished design could look in a fraction of the time it would of taken to produce them in Illustrator. Countless times we’ve jumped right in to a project like this, only to find ourselves going round in circles, pulling our hair out and spending a huge amount of time re-working and re-designing after a client has fed back. This way the client knows what they’re getting, we know what we’re doing, and the only thing that may take a little time is getting the colour right later on.


Step 4 – Create The Artwork
Now that the concept is set in stone we can jump in to Illustrator and get to work. The end result is not only a great logo design, but a happy client, and job satisfaction. Choosing the correct design process really can save you time and your sanity.

Unfortunately we’re not able to publish the finished logo design just yet, but we’ll update you just as soon as the project has been launched.

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