How Larry Page is Redesigning Google

January 25, 2013 ~ by

There have been some great articles written recently on the re-design / evolution of some of the World’s biggest brands, none more so than an article we read this week on the revolution at Google.

Taking an exclusive look at the people behind the scenes this video is a great watch for all those that have been both surprised and in awe of the beautiful designs coming from the small team of designers at Google.

Once a brand that sometimes felt awkward and disjointed the new look Google is more consistent and comfortable to use, there is a sense of familiarity even jumping across platforms and service offerings that Google owns.

The linear, clean approach to design is certainly something a lot of brands and sites are starting to emulate. At one time everyone wanted an “Apple” look and feel. Not so now. That shine, those deep gradients are being replaced with flat, bold yet pastel colours with subtle gradients. Certainly a trend that will probably stand the test of time and something we’ll probably be hearing from clients in the months to come.

“I want a site and app that looks like Google’s”.

To read the full, in depth and interesting article take a trip over to The Verge.

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