New Look Brand and Messaging For FHOKE

March 12, 2015 ~ by

Over the past year we’ve been putting things in place to expand the business intelligently. We started with new offices, we took on Gillian (who’s doing a fab job at getting us recognised in the local area) and now we’ve looked closer at our own brand and messaging, for once.


We’ve had great success over the past six years but times change and we’ve re-aligned our messaging to reflect that. We’ve always been known for our strength in design but over the years that message has been diluted with a long list of services that every other agency seems to talk about as well. It’s harder for clients to choose who to use so we’re going to play to our strengths and talk about what we do best. Of course we can do anything and everything a client might need but our core strengths lie in branding, design and development, covering anything for screen and print.

In a nutshell we make companies look better. We are designers. We package you up with a brand you can be proud of, a website that works, whilst building lasting relationships. We’re honest folk that believe in hard work and going above and beyond to please.

“Working on our own brand was tough (even if we are the experts), that’s why clients come to us for help, but when it’s so close to home nothing is ever 100% right? This time around we took a different approach and looked at the messaging and copy first realising that our style didn’t need to change, rather evolve. Clients don’t want to see a fancy site that’s aimed at designers, they want to understand who we are and see what we can do. We’re confident the new messaging and layout will help that”.


What About Your Brand?

Brands can get stale, you don’t always need to spend tens of thousands to evolve or revamp it but you do need to give it a thought every so often and question the direction you’re taking, what you’re about and where you’re going. That could mean a new website for the business, websites can get tired after a few years or it might just be a refresh to your logo and print work. Whatever you’re looking to do we can help. Pick up the phone, drop us an email or pop in for a chat. We look forward to hearing from you.

Photos by Claire Storey’s Photography.

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