We’re In Love Again…

February 12, 2018 ~ by

…with our new website.

Yes, you heard that right! If you hadn’t noticed already, we’ve gone and made ourselves a shiny new website. It’s only taken six months – six bloody months! Why? Because of our amazing clients of course – they’ll always be our first love. Aside from that, we are super self-critical.

Our old website turned four this year. In that time we’ve matured as a business – our team has expanded, and our clients are bigger. We needed a website that reflected the type of work we enjoy doing for our clients, and now, finally, we feel all grown up.

So what does the new website bring?

First of all stand back and marvel at those super slick, subtle interactions and parallax effects. We deliver these on most of our client sites, but we’ve never had the time to use them for ourselves. Now that we do, we love them. And when we say subtle, they are precisely that. There’s nothing worse than landing on a site that has had everything thrown at it. There are just enough to add polish to the new website that our old site never had. They don’t interfere with the user experience and won’t stop you from getting to the right pages quickly or from finding the information you’re looking for.

Our brand get’s a fresh new look. After almost ten years it was time for a quick spruce up of the old girl. Ten years is a long time for a brand to remain timeless, and while it still is our new logo gives us a refreshing new look that should see us good for many more years to come. It’s not a revolution, just an evolution.

We’ve also refined our services – again. We’re well on our way to becoming one of the UK’s leading WordPress and Shopify experts and are known for our branding globally. By cutting out the crap and focusing on what we do best we can bring a more rounded service to all our clients. For anything else, we have approved partners who we work with for video, SEO, marketing, and photography. You only have to ask if you need any of these bundled into your next project.

And after months of pestering, the team have delivered me a fantastic project planner. We now have a tool to welcome new customers on board, and it gives you the features to tell me all about your juicy project details.


It’s all about the folk

For the first time (and maybe the last time, after our photoshoot) our team is front of house on the new website. We don’t boast tens of people, just a team of talented individuals who you will enjoy working with. You’ll even get to speak with them all or meet them if you pop by for a catch-up. It’s also important to us that you get to meet our guys before you send us your project plan.

And if you want to see what we get up to day-to-day then check out our Instagram feed.

The salesy bit

Well, we do have a new site, so why shouldn’t we plug our services?

If you’re looking for a new website, online shop or logo then get in touch with me, Ben and let me know what you’re after.

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