Why You Should Migrate from Wix to WordPress

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As WordPress nears its 15th birthday as a Content Management System (CMS), we take a look behind the curtain of this popular platform. A solution that has become a firm favorite with developers and their clients alike. But it’s not the only option out there; there are 10’s if not 100’s of CMS platforms to choose from. One of the most common ones we upgrade clients from is called Wix. A popular entry-level solution that has exploded onto the market with their eye-catching advertising campaigns endorsed by global celebrities. So what’s all the noise about?

Wix can make you feel like a developer

Both platforms are powerful in their own right. They both feature robust functionality for creating responsive and efficient websites while retaining the ability to change page content without touching a line of code.

Hard coding a website is a thing of the past. You don’t need a developer to make updates to your content ever again.

In today’s fast-paced world the content of a website should be easy to change, and we encourage all of our clients to get stuck in. ‘But is it that easy?!’ Well, yeah. On either platform, you can change text, menu’s, images – you name it! And with Wix offering this out of the box, without approaching a developer, it’s a popular solution. For a start-up that’s strapped for cash, you can get a simple website up and running quickly.

With great power comes great restrictions

While Wix offers a drag and drop editor tool – perfect for the visually inclined – and a wide range of templates to choose from, they’re all slightly faux-bespoke. You can definitely rebrand a page, but you can never stray too far from its core look and feel. For anyone in a rush or a small business that hasn’t got thousands to spend, this might be ideal. But sooner or later, you may find that the system that helped define your content has started to hinder it.

To get access to Wix’s highly visual offerings, there is a monthly price tag attached to them, tiered for different types of user. And unless you’re willing to dish out a little more than the most basic paid plan you’ll see advertisements on your site – not a great look. While the costs are minimal, to begin with, if you ever want to move your site and bring it under your control, you’ll soon realise that you’ve bought into a system that isn’t as flexible as you may have first thought. Buying into Wix means you’re tied down and limited to only using their eco-system.

Why migrating to WordPress makes sense

If you’re just starting out or need a website in a matter of hours or days, then Wix is an excellent starter platform. But if you’re serious about your business from day one or you’ve grown since those early days, then this is when WordPress becomes the CMS of choice. It will grow with you and will become one of the best tools in your sales generating armory. It will rank you better in Google, it will give you more tools and features than ever before, and you won’t be tied to a system you don’t own.

WordPress Content Websites

1. Own your website, and its content

If you’re worried about losing that drag and drop editor, then don’t. WordPress features elements of these ideas, as well as a robust dashboard that makes it simple for even the most inexperienced of users to create pages and posts. If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, stand out from the crowd, and have a unique look and feel, then it’s probably time you migrate from Wix to WordPress. Once you’ve moved, you’ll own your entire website and all your content. Which, is a big deal if you ask us.

Best WordPress Plugins

2. Additional functionality at the click of a button

This is where we find the power of WordPress invaluable. Unlike Wix, WordPress is 100 percent open source. It allows independent developers and agencies like us to create and publish bespoke themes and plugins for the system. Third party plugins – of which there are nearly 55,000 at the time of writing – help us to help you. From adding a shop to your website with stock control, using a payment gateway of your choice, or introducing a subscription-based membership area, you can add additional functionality as and when your business grows. In fact, we haven’t encountered a challenge we’ve not been able to complete using WordPress yet!

Migrate from Wix to WordPress

3. Drive more business

We understand that a customers experience on a website and how they get from A to B is a top priority. While we are meticulous planners weighting pages with a hierarchy that achieves that we also rely on plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields and Gravity Forms to create bespoke functionality our clients need to get the most out of their investment and help drive business. Coupling these two powerful plugins we can create dynamic pages with drag and drop features such as call to actions, engaging videos, paragraphs of text, images, and multiple forms for contact, sign-ups or payments.

Bespoke WordPress Mobile Themes

4. Make your customers mobile experience a good one

The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. In the UK it’s estimated that 94% of the population own one and 76% of these are smartphones. With mobile devices within reach of almost anyone, it’s no surprise that traffic from these devices as well as tablets, combined, is the same as the number of visits from desktops alone. Think about it, when you’re out and about, and you need to find something online the first port of call is your smartphone. That’s why it’s essential your website looks and works just as well on mobile devices as it does on a desktop.

When we create bespoke WordPress sites, we design with the mobile user in mind. We consider how easy it is to use, how we can make the speed of the pages quicker, and ensure users enjoy a consistent experience from desktop down to mobile. We’ve even won recognition for mobile excellence you know! Don’t leave your mobile customers in the dark.

WordPress Google Rankings

5. Get found on Google

If you’ve not heard of Google, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past 20 years. It’s the search engine of choice, and anyone who’s anyone is fighting for that coveted top spot. We aim to create the most SEO friendly pages to make sure search engines like Google are kept happy. We take things one step further by integrating third-party plugins like Yoast SEO and Monster Insights to give our clients’ total control of how they appear within searches and to see how they are performing on Google. All within the WordPress CMS dashboard.

Use a trusted WordPress agency

If you’re familiar with us, you’ll know WordPress is our bread and butter. We have built a robust framework that we call Slate, and it sits at the core of everything we create. Slate allows us to create entirely bespoke WordPress themes for our clients with maximum efficiency. It’s a testament to everything we’ve learned about WordPress over the years.

We build everything around your brand and vision. Every step of our process from our initial talks to the live build is made with your needs in mind. We’re never hindered by the limitations of the CMS, and this is why WordPress stands tall above the rest. It gives us the flexibility to create bespoke websites without being held back.

Ready to migrate from Wix to WordPress?

Wix can be a great entry-level tool. But in the face of individuality it falls short, and it becomes easy to spot the template approach a mile off.

If you’re serious about standing out, you will need more than an off the shelf look and feel. Both CMS’ have their benefits, and on the surface, it might seem like a matter of preference. But dig a little deeper, and it’s clear they target entirely different markets.

Ready to migrate your website from Wix to WordPress? Then let us know about your projects best-kept secrets here or call us on 01794 340 979.

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