Keeping Clients Happy

November 27, 2013 – by Fhoke

Keeping Happy Clients

Earlier this year we launched Martial Arts Recovery, a fully responsive website designed to promote a new sports supplement.

The project started in the usual way when we received a brief on email. It was well thought through and the project sounded great so we jumped on Skype to talk it over.

During the call we discussed all of the options available and offered our advice on which ones to choose. This helps educate the client but also offers a more cost effective solution than what might have been proposed. The brief mentioned an online shopping system with backend functionality, when all that was needed was a free PayPal button integrated. Savings like this can go a long way for start-ups, so we’re open and honest when it comes to fleshing out functionality and figuring out what’s really necessary.

Honesty in the early stages of a project is crucial in order to build a relationship with a client. We’re not in the business of taking peoples money for the sake of it – we offer a service and that service is what adds the value. Yes, our clients will come to us for great websites and get just that, but they also get help and advice from people who actually care. We often spend a great deal of time setting up email addresses, talking people through the basics of SEO, creating banners, graphics and adding value where possible to ensure our clients feel loved. After all, without them we wouldn’t be in business.

Martial Arts Recovery


This Monday just gone it was a great to learn that our hard work hadn’t gone unnoticed when we received this glowing recommendation from Martial Arts Recovery through LinkedIn:

I sent off a brief to the guys at FHOKE in the hope that they could build a website specific to my needs. A quick look at their site beforehand gave me the impression FHOKE would be a sleek and sharp enough outfit to deliver what I envisaged.

They got straight back to me and had some great ideas about how to put the site together, and I felt confident giving them full artistic license in respect to design and feel.

The end result is a great looking site, that is simple to navigate, contemporary in style, and will serve my business well.

I would hire these guys again for any other web, or business needs or projects and would recommend them to anyone, as they are easy to get on with and are good at their jobs.

Lawrence Michell – Founder

From this we’ve learnt that we…

  • Give off the right impression
  • Act fast and offer valuable advice
  • Deliver projects inline with a brief and exceed expectation


  • We’re easy to get on with
  • Our clients will come back
  • They’ll recommend us to others

In business there are times when you question how you work and wonder if the additional effort you put in gets recognised. Client feedback is essential in order to understand if what you’re doing is right or wrong.

Keeping clients happy is tough, it’s a delicate balancing act of going above and beyond without running yourself ragged. But one thing’s for sure – if you work hard, are honest and nice to people, you won’t go far wrong.