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Since 2008 we’ve been in love with WordPress and have never looked back. In fact, we’re so confident in its abilities we consider ourselves as one of the UK’s leading WordPress development teams.

What is WordPress

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an online, open-source website creation tool. In simple terms, WordPress is a tool that we lean on to manage and maintain a websites content. Brands like TechCrunch and Mashable use WordPress as do many other famous blogs, music sites, and Fortune 500 companies, so you’re in good company when choosing to use it.

Why We Like It

Why We Like It

Our team of WordPress developers are smart cookies. They’ve created an intelligent WordPress framework that they’ve named ‘Slate’. Slate helps them to build bespoke WordPress websites quickly without relying on hundreds of plugins, streamlining the set-up of your site. It allows them to deliver your website in a shorter time and helps us to add new functionality at a fraction of the price of a custom CMS.

What We Build With WordPress

What We Build

WordPress started in 2003 and was designed for building self-hosted blogs. While we still use it to power your blog it’s now capable of managing every aspect of your website. We use WordPress to create everything from online magazines and shops, to client portals and online proposal systems. Because it’s completely customisable, we can use it for almost anything you throw at us – so don’t be scared to test our metal.

You guys were super easy to work with and very responsive, even with lots of little changes, so thank you!

Nicki Cho - GoCardless

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