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In short

We’re honest folk that believe in hard work and building lasting relationships. We enjoy making companies look better with great design and go the extra mile to provide a service that we would like to experience ourselves.

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Meet the team

12+ years of success is down to our team of creative thinkers and makers.

Honest / Brave / Proud / Friendly /

Honest / Brave / Proud / Friendly /
  • Brett

    Lead creative

  • Kasia

    Web developer

  • Ben

    Studio manager

Honest / Brave / Proud / Friendly /

Honest / Brave / Proud / Friendly /
  • Seb

    Lead developer

  • Beth Larcombe


  • Grant

    Web developer

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We love

  • Challenges

  • Creative projects

  • Hard work

  • Freedom

  • Honesty

  • Collaboration

  • Weekends

We dislike

  • Unrealistic deadlines

  • Working for free

  • Lateness

  • Dictators

  • Ignorance

  • Division

  • Working late

Why Fhoke?

A place where creatives want to work and a studio that people want to work with.

  • "They communicate clearly on deadlines, they were patient with our requests, and worked hard to ensure the finished product was how we wanted it."

    Petra Young Yukon 1000 x Fhoke
    Petra Young

    Yukon 1000

  • “The team at Fhoke have a keen eye for design and style! They crafted us a beautiful and highly functional site that will greatly enhance telling our brand story!”

    Sean Barber New Legend x Fhoke
    Sean Barber

    New Legend

  • “You guys were super easy to work with and very responsive, even with lots of little changes, so thank you!”

    Nicki Cho GoCardless x Fhoke
    Nicki Cho


  • “Our team has a new brand and website we can finally be proud of and not be ashamed to show off.”

    Hannah Patel Red Lorry Yellow Lorry x Fhoke
    Hannah Patel

    Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

  • "The end result is stunning - we are completely in love with it."

    Peter Czapp The Wow Company x Fhoke
    Pete Czapp

    The Wow Company

  • “The team rock! I have no hesitation in recommending these guys.”

    Bryan Rood Classic Ford Broncos x Fhoke
    Bryan Rood

    Classic Ford Broncos

  • "Amazing eye for design and user experience, clear communication and they are so fast with getting things done - a pleasure to work with!"

    Clarissa Budd Chevron Partners x Fhoke
    Clarissa Budd

    Cheveron Partners

  • "Fhoke has been brilliant. There’s a lot of skill in the team – from project management to the designers, all the way to the developers. They clearly work as a well-oiled machine."

    Hannah Gardiner Loom x Fhoke
    Hannah Gardiner