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About Us

Our Power is in Our People


The Crew

We’re honest folk that believe in hard work and building lasting relationships. We enjoy making companies look better with great design and go the extra mile to provide a service that we would like to experience ourselves.

  • Brett Robinson

    Visual Designer

    Brett Robinson FHOKE
  • Ben Bush

    Studio Manager

    Ben Bush FHOKE
  • Charlie Boag

    Visual Designer

    Charlie Boag FHOKE
  • Seb Kay

    Lead Developer

    Seb Kay FHOKE
  • Grant Norris

    Creative Developer

    Grant Norris FHOKE
  • Kasia Luraniec

    Creative Developer

    Kasia Luraniec FHOKE
FHOKE Studio
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Our Studio

Our studio is located near Romsey, deep in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. From here we’ve delivered world-class brands and websites to over 12 countries across the globe.

Inside FHOKE

Brett Robinson FHOKE
Grant and Seb FHOKE FHOKE Studio

Before we start

Stuff to note

We’re asked a ton of questions day-to-day but there are some we get asked nearly every time. Most of them are important, some of them less so, but all of them give an insight to what it’s like working with us. For the more serious sh*t here are our full terms and how we handle your data.

  1. Our Name

    Written ‘FHOKE’ and pronounced ‘Folk’, our name comes from our love of working with like-minded people. We don’t hide our team behind project managers. During your project you’ll form a great relationship with the guys – whilst chatting over your ideas and working through your designs you’ll quickly learn what makes them tick.

  2. Pricing

    How much we charge for a project depends on the time it’ll take, and also how much fun it will be to work on. There’s no price list, everything we produce here is bespoke and tailored to your exact requirement. If you’ve got something fun to work on and a few quid to keep us in business, then we’d love to hear from you.

  3. Timelines

    We’re creative people, and we’re also people that like to do an outstanding job. Expect a project that includes branding and a website to last around ten weeks – that’s not to say it can’t be done quicker, we just prefer to under promise and over deliver than let you down. We always work in a timely fashion, but we hate to be rushed.

  4. Spec Work

    It hurts to even write this, but we have to be clear. We don’t produce ‘stab ­in the dark’ concepts in order to win business, it’s simply not the right way to start a working relationship. We believe in a collaborative partnership where we listen, research, and work with you to create the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Est. 2008

Bold Brands

We’ve built some pretty cool brands. Our clients took a chance, they chose us because of our ability to deliver. They took our word for it that we would nail their brief and for that we’ll be forever grateful.

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