Sunshine, BBQ’s, and more freedom. What a month May turned out to be.

While we celebrated some relaxation from lock-down rules, and enjoyed some long weekends, in and around all of that, we’ve been dishing out some shiny new identities and websites for some awesome new brands.

We’ve also been celebrating some fantastic wins for some fresh start-ups, working on our own WordPress plugin, and welcomed several new projects from a very British brand, Travis Perkins.

And as the economy comes back to life, what better way to start than by championing some recent launches below.

Adam Church Limited

Raising the roof on property management

If you’re a leaseholder, management company or ethical freeholder, looking for help with a property block or your residents, look no further. Offering great advice and management services, Adam Church will add value to your property and help residents thrive.

Putting 100 percent trust in our vision, Adam Church ran with our ideas. They believed in the new brand we were creating, they embraced it, and the results… well, just go check it out. What might be considered a ‘dull’ industry, now has a new kid on the block to shake things up.


The future is here

We might not be hopping on and off transport right now, but when you do ride again, Connectpoint might be the first thing that welcomes you back.

Across the US, Connecpoint is replacing printed timetables and powering over 2 billion trips a year with solar-powered ePaper signage – displaying real-time travel information. We added a sprinkle of our creativity to the mix and helped re-launch a new website for this proud American brand.

Bespoke Diamonds

They said, yes!

We proposed, they accepted, and the rest has been one long honeymoon.

Dublin-based custom jewellers, Bespoke Diamonds has been a fairy-tale project. With a bold new badge to wear and a shiny new WooCommerce store to show off, this family-run business will be ready to roll when weddings kick-start again.

Grant Norris Developer

Saving the best until last

Our team has gone above and beyond in these chaotic months. From innovations to site launches, to help and advice for worried clients. We’ve pulled together and become stronger as a group.

The only downer in all of this? Not being able to share a beer and burger to celebrate some huge milestones. Zoom calls just don’t cut it, unless Grant is filtering as his alter ego.

This month we celebrate him marking four ‘official’ years. Here’s to his glorious mane of hair, dev skills and the rest of the dream team.

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