Things were pretty different this time last year. No shopping, no beer gardens, no meeting friends, but there was sunshine – where is that now? So, rather than reach for a cold one, grab a hot chocolate, sit back, and read this month’s update.

It’s been a North American affair this month. With three new sites launched for our cousins over the Atlantic. The march for online stores continues; we’ve built two new shops. There’s also a new brochure site for an iconic sports media rights firm, transforming their online image from stuffy to modern.

Open Goaaal USA!

Guard the yard

Think back to the good old days – playing ball in the garden, only for it to end up over the next-door neighbours’ hedge. Not any more, Open Goaaal! USA have the answer.

We created a custom Shopify theme to give Open Goaaal! USA a platform that their product deserved. Fiercely ambitious, their team now have a website that’ll hold up to their aggressive marketing campaigns, helping them hit future targets with ease.

Check Them Out Brigade Overland

Canada’s off-road supplier

Family owned and proudly Canadian, Brigade Overland supply the very best off-road and overland products to adventure lovers.

As a start-up, Brigade Overland needed a fresh new brand and WooCommerce store to help launch their parts supply business. We started with a typographic badge, brimming with old-school charm and built a brand around it to encapsulate the spirit of adventure.

Take A Peek JMI Sports

Game changers

Working with top US colleges and universities, JMI Sports provide campuses with multimedia rights, facility development, and sales and marketing services.

An established firm, JMI Sports needed dragging into the ’20s with a new Wordpress brochure site to restore their online presence.

Take A Peek Designer

We still need your help!

We’re still on the hunt for a NEW! designer. Someone who can dabble in branding one day, UI/UX work the next and finish off the week with some traditional print work. We’re not asking for much.

This person will be integral to our growth, someone we want to build a team around, so they must have a few years of agency experience under their belts, happy to face customers on a day-to-day basis and ooze something a bit special in their work. If you know someone, help us out by following the link below.

I know someone…