We’re on the cusp of summer, with brighter evenings, sun, and warmer weather putting the whole team in a chipper mood, helping fuel the excitement for a few recent site launches and mid-project builds. Keep reading to see how we’ve helped two aged identities rebrand and relaunch their sites while working with one of the UK’s most renowned public schools on a new school web design.

Original Software branding and website by Fhoke

Step into the future

Original Software came to us with a tired brand but a thriving business, run by a talented group of people that care about what they do and the people they do it for, helping companies on a global scale to navigate complex systems and making them simple to use and understand.

For too long, Original Software’s identity was lost in a sea of blue websites and competitors that all looked the same. So we set to work, creating a brand that echoed their values, vision and mission. A brand that stands out and will help propel their business confidently into the future.

With a blank canvas and a new vibrant brand, we let our imaginations run wild across new website pages, digital assets and printed stationery. We aimed to build a WordPress website that creates a positive impact at every touchpoint, leaving an unforgettable mark in people’s minds to maximise brand recognition. Bold colours, distinctive shapes, custom illustrations and warm imagery work harmoniously to tell a story, sell their products, and stand out.

Check Out Original Software Smarter Society branding and website by Fhoke

Grants and business support

Smarter Society is the UK’s leading Grant Administration provider working with Government departments and other organisations to deliver high-quality grants, vouchers and business support programmes.

We took a tired but established brand back to basics and started over with a ‘greener’ outward-facing identity design to reflect the company’s modern values. The bold new logo mark and contemporary WordPress site design put them head and shoulders above the sector’s competition to create a memorable and instantly recognisable brand.

View Smarter Society Bryanston School website design and build by Fhoke

Levelling up

Earlier this year, we announced a major client win to work with one of the UK’s most prestigious and sought-after public schools, Bryanston School.

School web design is our passion, and work on the project has been non-stop since, and we’re now mid-build of this exciting and ambitious new site that aims to shake up what we consider a stale sector for web design. We’re adding our unique touch and design cues to bring the pages, content and student work alive and reflect the creativity and values the school is renowned for. Make sure to check back over the next few months for more.