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BenchPress Agency Survey System built on a custom Wordpress theme and brand designed by London web design agency Fhoke.

The largest survey of independent agency owners in the UK, BenchPress gives agencies the chance to benchmark themselves against their peers. When the results are in, each owner receives an in-depth copy of the full results, as well as hints on how to grow and run a better agency.

BenchPress Agency Survey System by Fhoke

In 2012, The Wow Company started an agency benchmarking report – BenchPress. The aim was simple; to take an accurate snapshot of agency life in the UK and to share insight and analysis with ambitious agency owners. Running on Survey Monkey, Wow wanted to take this further and create a more immersive and bespoke system with an agency owner dashboard and reporting tools.

BenchPress Agency Survey System by Fhoke

Leaning on The Wow Company’s own branding, the BenchPress Survey is beautifully illustrated from the online survey, through to the dashboard reports, and the final offline 50+ page survey split between agencies turning over above and below one million pounds.

BenchPress Agency Survey System by Fhoke

Each survey is form-based with multiple question types all controlled within the CMS of the survey system. The form has been deliberately stepped so that agency owners can save each step in case they need more time. At the end of each survey, the data is presented and plotted against both the previous years’ data and against the averages of what the UK’s top-performing agencies are doing.

BenchPress Agency Survey System by Fhoke

The result

In just 15 minutes agency owners can answer critical questions, including financial data, that gives Wow an in-depth picture of the UK’s agency landscape. Valuable data for an accounting firm who specialise in working with agency owners, and who’s passion it is, to make them more successful.

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