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FabricGenie AI-Powered Fabric Designer

The Millshop Online, a prominent UK seller of made-to-measure upholstery fabrics, identified an emerging trend in the market: customers wanted customised, unique fabric designs. But how could they offer this level of customisation on a mass scale? The answer lay in harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


While using AI to create custom fabric designs was groundbreaking, there were numerous challenges, as Shopify can be limited to what can be done via the theme. We created a two-part process to overcome this and to handle the AI interaction. The first part was adding a sales page to promote FabricGenie and a form page to place an order for the new bespoke Shopify store we had already built. The second part was creating an API, using Laravel, to handle speaking with the API endpoints for the AI.

Made To Measure Laravel Shopify App by London Laravel agency Fhoke
Shopify Integration

The landing page was designed to be intuitive and visually appealing. It outlined what FabricGenie was and the benefits of using it. Using real-world examples of customer-generated designs and engaging copy, users are educated on how to get started.

The form page was arguably the most complex part of the integration. It required a seamless user experience despite the multiple input methods:

  • Text: A straightforward text box allows users to describe their desired design.
  • Image: A drag-and-drop interface, along with a standard file picker, enables users to upload their reference images.
  • Image and text: The form also allows for an image upload, accompanied by a text box for any additional details or modifications.
  • Theme: Multiple text input fields allow users to describe themes, colours, patterns, and more.
API Infrastructure

Given the limitations of Shopify, a middleman was essential. Our Laravel experts created a custom Laravel API that would receive requests from the form on the Shopify site and then relay those requests to the secondary AI API endpoints.

The Laravel API was designed to be robust and scalable, ensuring it could handle a large number of requests without delays, while also using token authentication and built-in rate limiting to prevent anyone abusing the service.

The secondary AI API is where the magic happens. Upon receiving a request, it will process the inputs (text, image, or both) and generate a custom fabric design which is sent back through the Laravel API to the user on the Shopify site and via email.


The integration of FabricGenie transformed The Millshop Online’s offerings. Customers were thrilled with the opportunity to design custom fabrics, and the user-friendly interface ensured that even those that are not tech-savvy could navigate and use the feature. The Millshop Online reported a significant increase in user engagement within the first week, and sales of custom fabrics continue to grow and benefit customers with a unique and immersive shopping experience.

“I have worked with Fhoke on several projects. A great agency, highly skilled with incredible service and support. Highly recommended.”

Danny Richman Consultant for The Millshop Online

The result

By understanding customer needs and leveraging the power of AI, The Millshop Online has set a precedent in the fabric industry. A testament to the potential of AI in enhancing a customer’s shopping experience and offering services that were previously thought impossible.

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