Fudge Animation


Fudge is a full-service design, animation, and production studio working with major companies and corporations such as Disney, Virgin, Unilever, and the NHS.

Launch website
Fudge Animations is a custom Wordpress theme and brand designed by London web design agency Fhoke.
Fhoke Design Fudge Animation Website

As a small UK-based animation studio taking on the big guns, Fudge required a bespoke site that sold their services and a fresh new brand geared to appeal to a global TV and Film industry.

Fudge Animation Studios

At the beginning of 2016, we embarked on an exciting journey to add some freshness and fun to the Fudge brand. We began with a new logo and completed the rollout with a new site using a bespoke WordPress theme.

Fudge Animation Studios
Fudge Animation Studios

"I would strongly recommend Fhoke (and often do) to anyone undertaking a design, branding or web development project. We would always turn to Fhoke for our design and development work because we trust them and because, quite simply, they’re the best!"

James Hill Co-founder


The new website contains a ton of information about the studio, what they do as well as showcasing their creativity. We also built some interactive resources within ‘Fudge Labs’ to help clients plan their next animated project – from script checkers to voice-over artist search tools.

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