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Klindworth Roofing offers a wide range of expert roofing services dedicated to exceptional workmanship and customer satisfaction, so much so that they’ve earned the title of the best roofing company in The Woodlands, Texas.

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Klindworth Roofing Logo

We are known for our design-led approach to everything we do, which is one of the reasons why Klindworth Roofing approached us to help them transform their market presence. We understood the importance of creating a brand identity that deviated from the industry’s standard and often mundane logo marks. Fhoke developed a bold brand identity and logo for Klindworth Roofing that encapsulates its vision of quality and ensures it stands out visually from other roofing companies. There are none of the standard roof peaks in this logo. Coupled with a rich colour scheme, distinctive typography, and a memorable logo mark we were able to collectively convey Klindworth Roofing’s unique approach to their work.

Klindworth Roofing Logo Design
Klindworth Roofing Logo and Stationery Design
Website Design

When it came to designing the Klindworth Roofing website, we made a deliberate shift from the more conventional approach to roofing websites. It was very important to them and us to match the unique brand identity with a design that embraced the feel of a boutique firm. The website was designed to take visitors through an experience using glossy photography that showcases the craftsmanship and detail of Klindworth Roofing’s projects. To complement the visual storytelling, punchy and bold headings were strategically placed to capture the user’s attention and convey the company’s messaging, enhanced with tactile scrolling and movement for an interactive journey through the pages.


Klindworth Roofing WordPress Website Design and Build
Klindworth Roofing WordPress Website Design and Build
Website Development

For a brochure site rich in glossy content like Klindworth Roofing’s, WordPress was the natural choice from the outset. Its flexibility and user-friendly content management system make it ideally suited for managing a detailed portfolio of Klindworth’s roofing projects alongside a library of informative articles that not only aid the website in search engines but also help educate and engage the site’s visitors in subjects that need answering.  By leveraging WordPress, Klindworth Roofing’s site combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, offering a blend of information, user experience, and conversion potential.

Klindworth Roofing WordPress Website Design and Build
Klindworth Roofing WordPress Website Design and Build

“An absolutely exceptional company. We are a company based out of the USA and couldn't pin point a brand identity. Hiring Fhoke was one of the best business decisions we have made. The whole team is professional and efficient. They respond quickly to emails and work with you on all levels.”

William Klindworth Klindworth Roofing, Owner


With a stand-out brand recognised regionally, Klindworth Roofing stands out in a competitive local market and has since been awarded for its work. The new website backs up everything they do, from promoting the brand online to showcasing the company’s exceptional work. The entire project has been one of Fhoke’s most successful stories where the client trusted us throughout to deliver on our original promise.

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