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Rooted in the rich cultural tapestry of France and Morocco, Paris Tile is a new brand that blends traditional tile manufacturing with artisanal storytelling.

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Paris Tile - Branding WooCommerce

Paris Tile’s speciality lies in creating, curating, and supplying tiles that are not only of exceptional quality but also exude style and uniqueness. Each tile is a piece of art, reflecting a deep commitment to craftsmanship blended with modern aesthetics.

Fhoke embarked on a journey with Paris Tile to realise a new brand identity that resonates with its core values and heritage. Understanding the significance of the Eiffel Tower in Parisian culture and its global iconography, Fhoke ingeniously integrated its footprint into Paris Tile’s brand icon. This branding stroke was not merely about aesthetics; it symbolised the fusion of architectural grandeur and an artisan tile. The new brand identity for Paris Tile was not just a logo; it was a story in itself, a narrative that connected the rich history of Parisian artisanship with contemporary tile design.

Paris Tile Logo Design
Paris Tile Logo & Stationery Design
Paris Tile Branding & Identity
Paris Tile Art Direction
Website Design

The website for Paris Tile was designed to blend tradition with modernity. The design is fresh, modern, and uncluttered, reflecting the high-quality products of Paris Tile.

Fhoke took an extra step in storytelling by taking the photography and video content shot on location at the Paris factory. This visual narrative of the shoot allows customers to witness the meticulous process of tile manufacturing, adding authenticity and depth to the brand. The imagery and videos are not just decorative elements but integral to the product’s stories, showcasing each tile’s unique journey from conception to completion.

Paris Tile WooCommerce Design & Build
Paris Tile Responsive Website Design
Website Development

With over 15 years experince of using WordPress and the technical requirements for the store, Fhoke chose WordPress and WooCommerce as the platform of choice for developing Paris Tile’s website. Built on WooCommerce, the site offers a seamless and intuitive shopping experience. We also integrated a third-party CRM system specialising in the tile industry, which was a strategic move, enabling the effortless management of a vast product database. This integration was more than a functional necessity; it brought to life the rich array of tiles syncing vivid imagery, detailed descriptions, and orders. We also baked in a tile calculation feature for each product, which was a thoughtful addition, guiding customers in purchasing the correct number of tiles based on square footage, enhancing a user’s experience and satisfaction.

Paris Tile WooCommerce Design & Build

“Fhoke proved to be a top-notch web design agency, from our first meeting, to our final adjustment requests. We are thrilled with the end result, and could not recommend Fhoke more! A massive thanks to the whole team!”

Cody Kellner Paris Tile, Head of Marketing


The culmination of a strong brand, packaging design, and store development has resulted in a striking online presence for Paris Tile. The new website doesn’t just showcase products; it narrates the Paris Tile story, engaging customers with its authentic portrayal of artisan tiles. The Paris Tile site has been a huge success, where aesthetics, functionality, and storytelling blend to create an unforgettable brand experience.

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