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The Millshop Online has become one of the UK’s leading online stores for upholstery fabrics and made-to-measure curtains and blinds. The team work directly with fabric mills and weavers across the UK and Europe to proudly sell the best products to the maker’s market and anyone looking to freshen up their home.

Launch website
The Millshop Online Website Design by Fhoke

With a new website on the agenda, it was the perfect opportunity to re-visit the logo mark and visual identity. Designed to represent the brand on screen and in print, the new warp and weft concept uses a single thread to create an intricate ‘M/S’ monogram. Working hand in hand with a revised colour palette, the new identity is clean and straightforward, working to reduce noise and represent The Millshop Online in a positive, friendly and sophisticated manner.

The Millshop Online Logo Design
The Millshop Online Logo & Branding

With a new identity nailed, we set to work on bringing the now outdated website up to scratch. A website is the first touchpoint for most customers, new and old, so we wanted to make sure that we created something that was clean and fresh to help the vibrant fabrics pop off the pages as customers navigate the store. The muted primary and accent colour palettes tie the pages together for a calming shopping experience.

The Millshop Online Responsive Website Design

Moving The Millshop Online store from Magento to Shopify, the team will now benefit from a secure, lightweight platform with a more robust and friendly set-up than ever before. In addition, their team will be able to manage a product-heavy store inside a new bespoke Shopify theme that presents an ever-growing list of products in a very minimal, super slick user experience.

Our team also created a bespoke made-to-measure Shopify App, building this on Laravel, when we realised there were no current Shopify Apps that could handle the calculations and options for a made-to-measure product. In the future, this app can be customised to work with any made-to-measure product sold on Shopify.

The Millshop Online Bespoke Shopify Store
The Millshop Online Shopify Website Design & Build


Another beautifully British brand that has been completely refreshed from the ground up. The Millshop Online team can now wear a new identity with pride with a modern logo mark and a fresh, bright, minimal website that promotes the bold colours and patterned fabrics they sell. Users will also benefit from a newly streamlined, made-to-measure checkout process with a bespoke Laravel-built Shopify App.

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