Thrive Architects


Thrive is an award-winning architectural firm providing professional services including urban design, architecture and graphic design.

Launch website
Thrive Architects is a custom Wordpress theme and brand designed by London web design agency Fhoke.
Thrive Architects WordPress website designed by web design agency Fhoke.

Thrive Architects had recently rebranded with a bold new logo and colour scheme so required a new site to translate this online. The existing website was dated, featured small images, and was controlled by a bespoke CMS that was inaccessible. The new site had to reflect both the new brand and more importantly give the team control of everything from images to text and menus.

Thrive Architects

The transition to a WordPress driven site was a no brainer. It would give the whole team at Thrive various levels of access to the content and the freedom to stop relying on an agency to make minor tweaks. Larger images we’re the order of the day to help promote projects, services, and the team.

Thrive Architects
Thrive Architects

“We could not recommend Fhoke enough; their support and knowledge through this process have been invaluable and we look forward to future opportunities with them.”

Holly Minards Marketing Manager


From blurry thumbnails on their old site to a new large-format, image-rich website, we have transformed Thrive Architects’ online presence and brought their award-winning projects to life. The team also has a new CMS they can finally access. Able to easily add new projects when they are awarded or completed and update their customers of company news and updates.

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