Clean, simplified, and secure APIs

API Development for your website or app

Our team boasts extensive experience crafting REST API’s with a particular emphasis on the process of designing, documenting, implementing, and testing them. We can guarantee success and keep your data intact and accurate.

Powerful and scalable Laravel apps

We’ve worked with brands of all sizes from various industries to develop bespoke Laravel systems and comprehensive, standard-compliant RESTful APIs. Our API developer team aims to create and develop bespoke API solutions which combine logic, functionality and design to simplify your workflow.

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API development and integration services

  • Automated API testing

    With a built-in, intelligent testing suite, Laravel boasts powerful time-saving tools that our UK-based API developers can use to perform in-depth API tests from unit tests, checking API endpoints and running automated feature tests.

  • Third-party API integrations

    Building clean, safe and secure API integrations is our top priority. Where some third-party APIs can disrupt your data, we use Laravel’s built-in authentication system and security features to help us integrate with third-party APIs safely.

  • API updates & maintenance

    As your business scales and evolves, our API developers will remain on hand to monitor and update your APIs with the latest features and requirements. Our developers can safely create and release new features by relying on automated API testing.

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Why use Laravel for APIs

Using Laravel, we can quickly create custom-built REST APIs to connect data points and systems for your web app backend, mobile app or website. With its rich and elegant syntax, we can bridge the gap and help your systems communicate. APIs built with Laravel are easier to use, maintain, fix and handle and give us the flexibility to have fun building, rather than being restricted by the limitations of other platforms.

Expert Laravel developers at Fhoke's offices in Salisbury and London

Laravel development projects

As one of the most popular PHP frameworks for building web applications, thanks to its rich ecosystem and community, our experienced Laravel developers can create bespoke Laravel web apps to help scale your brand. From a simple blog to a CRM system or an eLearning platform, Laravel has you covered.

“We have worked with Fhoke on several projects. A great agency, highly skilled with incredible service and support. Highly recommended.”

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Bespoke Laravel API development

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Building APIs with Laravel

Laravel simplifies APIs

  • Rate limiting

    Laravel’s API rate limiting helps us to control the number of requests within a specific time frame made to an API. With this level of control, we can help prevent abuse of your APIs resources and define rate limits for authenticated users, IP addresses and other benchmarks.

  • Caching

    Caching can significantly improve your API’s performance by storing the responses to frequently requested data. With powerful caching mechanisms, Laravel allows us to cache API responses which helps reduce the overall server load, speed things up, and create a better overall user experience.

  • API versioning

    API versioning plays a vital role in API development, allowing us to manage changes to your API over time while maintaining backward compatibility. Laravel offers our app developers the tools and guidelines for API versioning, empowering us to implement changes and improvements without breaking the existing functionality for your API consumers.

How else can we help?

We’ll build you a brand, a website or a shop

  • Branding

    A brand isn’t just about a logo. We take an identity and create visuals that showcase your products and services using the right messaging and materials from icons to illustrations and more.

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  • WordPress

    We’re so confident in the abilities of WordPress we consider ourselves one of the UK’s leading WordPress agencies delivering WordPress themes from central London and Salisbury.

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  • Shopify

    We’re an award-winning Shopify agency handling everything from marketing and payments to secure checkout and shipping; Shopify leaves us to focus on making your Shopify store look beautiful.

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  • Website design

    We approach your website project with a focus on creativity, usability, and conversions. The result is an online representation of your business that is beautiful and will generate more leads.

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  • WooCommerce

    As a world-renowned WooCommerce development agency, we can offer merchants familiar with WordPress a way of selling online, helping retailers to upgrade or replatform to WooCommerce.

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  • BigCommerce

    A trusted eCommerce and BigCommerce agency, we use BigCommerce, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market, to create custom online stores that look great and accelerate growth.

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