We Launch a New Responsive Site for Listverse

May 21, 2013 – by Fhoke

We Launch a New Responsive Site for Listverse

We love it when a new site that we’ve built goes live. There is a sense of achievement and joy at having worked closely with a client over several months to finally realise their vision and bring it it life. What’s even more exciting is when a site that already had great success becomes even more so as a result of our involvement.

You might have noticed we’ve been a bit quiet of late but after the launch of our new site, we’ve been inundated with new work from across the globe so it really has been heads down and months of design and development work that continues to this day. While we have a breather we wanted to show off our latest launch

Listverse is the original Top 10 list site serving over 20 million pages a month to more than 8 million readers. Based and run from New Zealand the site is hugely popular in the US and specialises in bizarre or lesser-known trivia, lists published to the site are designed to intrigue and educate the reader and has a huge fan base.

We worked very closely with the Listverse team to understand the requirements for the new site whilst maintaining the format that existing readers enjoy. The new site enables the team to publish to a wider platform with a fully responsive design that is both lightweight and intuitive for the reader to use whether they are viewing it on a desktop or a smartphone. Added functionality also gives the team a chance to bring older content that is newsworthy or relevant back up from the archives to the homepage, keeping the site’s content bang up to date. on iPad Mini

The main focus of the redesign was (aside from attractiveness) speed. At up to 15 seconds for a page to load on the previous site users will have noticed a measurable improvement in that area. A lot of work also went into making their mail subscriptions better; they are not only more attractive and intelligent in article distribution, but users can also choose to subscribe to daily or weekly updates.

Whilst we can’t give too much away there are three further phases to the site that will be rolled out over the next year including an app. We can’t wait to work with the team at Listverse again.