Time flies when you’re having fun, and 2018 has been a blast. Take a look at what we created. Because no one else rocked those designs better than us.

The highlights

Before we race into 2019, we’ve got all nostalgic with a look back over the year. There were all-time-highs, industry recognition, and new folk — plus, we celebrated our 10th birthday.

10 years at the sharp end

Many moons ago (just over ten years, to be precise) two designers left big agency life to follow their dream. It was the year Google introduced Chrome, Airbnb and Spotify launched, and SnapChat, Instagram, and Uber were a twinkle in their founders’ eyes. You could say it was the golden era for startup success.

You can’t keep an old dog down

Agency years, they’re like dog years, and when you’re ten years old, it’s tough to keep those grey hairs at bay. So with a short back and sides, a nip and tuck here and there, we ditched our famous red and white in favour of black and gold. Sam Sparro would be proud.

Winner, winner chicken dinner

It worked because look Mum, we won! After disappointing them in 2017 – with only a top-six finish at Wirehive – we can skip home on our last day this year with a certificate in hand. That’s right we featured as one of the UK’s most inspiring agencies, as voted for by our industry peers — 500 of them to be precise. See what they had to say!


As the sun set on our busiest summer yet, we welcomed in a new dawn for the studio with the introduction of Kasia and Charlie. Girls, hoorah! What started as a hunt for a new creative soon turned into a quest for another developer as well. Charlie’s penned a short piece so you (and her Dad) can gain an insight into her role.

What’s wrong with a bit of bragging?

Every time we meet a client, a friend or a peer we get asked: “are you busy?” Well here’s the proof. In the past year, we’ve launched well over twenty new sites, created enough marketing material to keep a small sawmill in business, branded start-ups, corporates, and every tom, dick, and harry in-between. Here are six projects we plucked from our creative bow to tickle your fancy.

New Legend 4x4
New Legend

When you think about it, most cars on the road today are invisible – camouflaged in a sea of white, black and silver metal with nothing to say. Then there are cars that stand out, start conversations, and have a story to tell — the ones that bring back old memories and make new ones. That’s where New Legend comes in.

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GoCardless Benchmark Report

In a UK first, GoCardless has paved the way for the accounting industry to be more transparent with one another, sharing knowledge and insights as to how they operate. We worked with their team to create an online version of their first accountants benchmarking report.

Territory Supply
Territory Supply

Territory Supply started life as an online shop selling gear for the great outdoors. In a competitive market space, Territory Supply decided to pivot their brand into an online magazine within the same space. We helped to re-brand and re-build a website for the team, moving them from Shopify to WordPress in the process.

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HD Labels
HD Labels

Working with industry leaders HD Labels, we started by kicking their dated site to the kerb and went about building them a modern online shop. Built on WooCommerce, the new site is a breeze to update helping to free the team up to focus on what they do best, selling and servicing label printers.

TAP London
TAP London

TAP London is just one of a handful of agencies in the UK who specialise in the Adobe Experience Cloud. Selected over a number of other agencies to create them a new site their new look helps to promote their niche service, focus on their work, and highlight the team behind the operation.

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IC Creative
IC Creative

Creative? Looking for a job? Got an awesome resume? Then IC Creative’s new recruitment website might be the ticket you’re looking for? Just don’t tell any of our team! Ah, it’s too late.

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Do you believe in fairies?

We’re brave with our ideas, we push the boundaries with our creativity, and when it comes to finding solutions — we sprinkle everything with pixie dust. Being creative is in the DNA of everything we do so when someone doesn’t believe in our ideas a little part of us dies.

Logo Design

If you believe, clap your hands. Don’t let them die.

What’s up next?

New year resolutions? Diet plans? An office dartboard? We’ll let the dust settle first. But it won’t be long till we’re picking up our colouring in pencils (again) and looking at our brand. We forgot how good looking we were after a short back and sides. This time we’re going under the knife for a facelift.

What else? More of the good stuff. More sites, more brands, more great clients. So here’s to you all. Without you great people, we’d be surplus parts. Thanks for making 2018 the best one yet.

Want to share your goals and ambitions for next year then drop us a message and let us in on your plans? If you’re a growing brand, a corporate or even a start-up, we’d love to hear more.