Well, we’re still here, and it’s still a strange ‘ole world out there right now.

We all might be a bit confused, we don’t all have the answers, and for most of us, there’s going to be some daily ups and downs. But wherever you are on this rollercoaster, we hope you’re all coping, staying out of trouble, and staying healthy.

It goes without saying if there are any major concerns we’re here to lend you a hand and to dish out advice. For anything business, there are plenty of resources from our fab client The Wow Company.

As we start to adjust to the new norm, we’re staying busy delivering new brands and launching new sites. So, if you’re looking for a new adventure when we’re out of this, need a new accountant or fancy winning £10,000 then you definitely need to check out our latest work.

Yukon 1000 WordPress website designed by website design agency Fhoke

An epic, high-risk adventure

If you want to take social distancing to the max then put your ego on the line and take on an endurance race like no other.

The Yukon 1000 follows in the footsteps of early adventurers, immersing you in the raw, untouched Canadian and Alaskan wilderness that few humans will ever experience. Paddling 1000 miles in the choice of a canoe, kayak or a top a paddle-board, in just 10 days, do you have what it takes?

ProfitPal WordPress website designed by website design agency Fhoke

Ireland’s largest online accountants

Just when most businesses need all the advice they can get we come along and bam, a new site launched for Irish accountants, ProfitPal.

New brand, new WordPress website, and a new focus, ProfitPal now has the tools to target Ireland’s business founders and entrepreneurs. Offering advice on COVID-19 issues and how to gain back more money from the government through R&D tax credits all while doing everything else a top accountants firm does. Perfect timing we say.

So, if you’re a business based in Ireland, fed up of your current accountants or need extra advice give Denis and his team a call.

Factotum logo design and branding designed by London branding agency Fhoke

Focus on what you do best

In all of this chaos, we welcome aboard a new client. Yay! And kudos to them for sticking to the plan and ploughing on full steam ahead.

Factotum, which means “Do, the whole thing” has assembled the best business minds in one place. Top professionals from each sector providing the right mix of advice, services and solutions for business owners and entrepreneurs. So, it was only natural they asked the best London WordPress agency to create a new identity and website.

Watch this space for a shiny new site announcement, for now, take a sneak peek at what we’re working on.

Cono Sur x 1HQ x Fhoke

In it to win it

Chill, peel, and reveal? Now, if that doesn’t get your mind thinking wild thoughts, how about £10,000?

Working for a leading global brand agency, 1HQ London – famous for working on some of the world’s most popular brands – we were asked to help add some flavour to their client, Cono Sur’s summer promotional site.

So what better way to spend lock-down than ordering a couple, or to be safe, a crate of Bicicleta wine and have the chance of winning up to £10,000?

WECare Worldwide WordPress website designed by website design agency Fhoke

Help our charity of choice

She loves everyone. A lot. From afar! She’s a little nervy so stays two metres away at all time – the perfect social distancing queen!

Last month we shared the new site we launched for Sri Lankan based charity, WECare – a veterinary surgery and program for the islands roaming dogs. So why not show them you care and donate to little Margarita this month?

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