Have you heard, summer 2020 is happening! We might not be jetting off to Ibiza just yet, but we’re going to be raising an ice-cold beer in a pub garden very soon.

With the thought of celebrating the end of lock-down, we were spurred on to deliver some exciting projects from both sides of the pond in June.

We also celebrated our founders birthdays – interesting fact about that below – and welcomed on board two new projects to challenge our Shopify prowess.

So as you sip that sweet amber nectar, kick back, and check out the latest from the studio.

Adige Design

Made in Boston

Adige Design work with property developers, sourcing the best architectural materials offering a full range of design and tailored consulting services to provide them with high-spec, luxurious interiors.

With a collection of stunning images to work with, it was a dream project for the design team. Working with the existing brand, we breathed new life into a tired identity and helped bring the projects and their artisans to life through a new WordPress website.

Fudge Animation Studios

Take back control

We’re not just great at websites and shops, we’re awesome at creating digital products too. From our snazzy proposal system, to an online survey and reporting system for The Wow Company, to creating client portals, we’re able to create almost anything.

The latest launch for Fudge Animation Studios is a customer portal to help them manage every step in a project, from scripting through to delivery.

The client gets their own personal login and can monitor timelines, get access to files, leave feedback via a commenting system, sign-off on work and rate how they felt the team performed at each stage.

Fudge also get some powerful tools. From sending email prompts to clients with project updates, date pickers for each step – including auto timeline adjustment tools, private tasks that can be dropped into the project plan (that only their team can see), and PDF versions for each signed step.

If this sounds like something your brand could benefit from, have a chat with us. The options are unlimited.

Fhoke Instagram

Birthday twins

Here’s an interesting fact. Our founders Brett and Ben share the same birthday. OK, OK, they were born a year apart, but still, spooky!

They came back to the office in June to sort some business bits out, and they were blown away by a surprise from the team. Someone clearly sneaked in while we all worked from home and decked out the office for when they popped in.

The beers and gin went down a treat. Best team ever!

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