At the beginning of 2016, we embarked on an exciting journey working with Fudge Animation Studios to add more flavour to the brand. We began with a logo and completed the roll out with a new website using a bespoke WordPress theme.

They came to us because they needed a brand that would stick. One that got noticed and stood them head and shoulders above the rest. You can find sticky brands almost anywhere, and companies such as Uber, Coca-Cola, and Apple have made themselves as recognisable as they are successful.

The same principles these larger companies take can be applied to any small to medium enterprise who want to challenge the norm, and find innovative ways to grow their brand into a sticky one. With the right values, we can help create a brand that can attract more customers and becomes instantly recognisable.

Fudge Animation

Out With The Old

We approached this logo in the same way we always do – good old pencil and paper. There’s no better way to put down our ideas than with a bit of scribbling – it gives us the chance to think fast and get plenty of ideas down in the shortest amount of time.

Since starting out as Fudge Animation Studios, the company has quickly become known for its creativity and quality of service, clients also fondly referred to them as Fudge, so a decision was made to kill off the ‘Animation Studios’ part of the logo. With such a young brand it was easy to re-imagine it in a way that had never been done before. Of course, it still needed to remain recognisable as the Fudge everyone knows and loves but injected with some fun. The new logo is full of movement – even when it’s not animated, it almost smiles at you and feels fluid, each letter blending into one another.

The finishing touch came through the use of colour. Fudge needed to bring a bit excitement to their rather drab Grey, White and Orange. We worked with the Orange but made it more vibrant, complimenting it with an exciting purple. Colour is a very subjective thing and what works for one person won’t for the next. For Fudge the colours are so different to their rivals it allows them to stand out, it’s a simple palette that feels right.

The result is a winning logo. It looks the part in print, online, or as part of a showreel. Both parties are extremely proud of it and look forward to seeing where the new logo takes them.

Fudge Animation

Brands In Bite Size Chunks

When we create a brand, we realise that it’s not all about the logo. We break it down into smaller chunks – in this case, a website, brochure, icons and even the tone of voice. Mixed together they help build a brand that will last.

After creating a new logo along with a set of brand guidelines, we set to work on their website. Experts in WordPress, it was a natural choice for us to develop the site on the platform. It gives Fudge a robust solution which enables them to manage every aspect of their content – from team news to projects and pages. This helps the site become a valuable lead generation tool when focusing on particular services or sectors. Pushing WordPress beyond its core functions we built in script checkers and voice over artist tools to increase awareness of these services.

We didn’t stop there. To give the brand consistency across everything we created white papers, stationery and brochures. Along with the brand guidelines, the team at Fudge now have a solid foundation and the know how to use their new brand.

Fudge Animation

The Result

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with FHOKE on a few projects over the years and they were an easy choice when we decided our business’ brand and website needed bringing up to date. When our Creative Director and I sat down to chat with Brett and Ben we didn’t really have a clear vision of what we wanted but we knew what we wanted people to think about Fudge. We knew that the guys would find a creative way to showcase our character and personality but what they actually produced has far exceeded our expectations.

James Hill

What Next?

If you have a brand that needs a refresh, or would simply like to start something new then, please get in touch.