Wow, that was a weird four weeks. What a time to be alive! March will be one you won’t forget in a hurry, although it might be one that you wish you could?

As the country went into lockdown our team took to working from home which has thrown up some fun challenges – and possibly got everyone more engaged with each other, interacting over Slack and Zoom – over-communicating.

Even though we’re living in some interesting times, we ‘march’ on, working hard to support and deliver current and new client projects.

So to help you pass some of this extra time on your hands, why not take a look at some of the great work that’s coming from our home studios?


Clear communication

How ironic. We recently worked on a new brand and website for an established business, Numbergroup. A company at the spearhead of remote working offering cloud-hosted telephone and communication systems that solve real-world problems. Helping to build a future for remote workers.

OK, so what did we do? We re-built the Numbergroup brand from the ground up – strategically positioning their company as leaders in their field. We also created a striking new WordPress website which focused on clarity, clearly conveying the benefits of Numbergroup’s cloud-hosted communication tools.

Numbergroup now has a bright new brand and all the tools to help further promote their platform on a global scale. Such a key asset in this uncertain time. Go take a peak.

Remote working

Our new studio, so lonely by its big-self. With its new smelling carpets, freshly painted walls, and big bright windows. How we miss it!

While we’ve pressed pause on the office fit-out and our desks stand empty; we took a look behind the chairs of our folk working from home. Check out the team’s set-up on the gram.

The Wow Company COVID-19

COVID-19 Support Hub

COVID-19 is at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment. Our wonderful client The Wow Company have put together one place you can find all the latest information and strategies for what you can do as a business owner to get you through this.

While they’ve done all the hard work, we lent a hand by sprinkling a touch of their branding to the information.

Because dogs are great medicine!

We bet ‘our boy’ Ben Fogle, would be proud of us for this one. (Yes, Brett and Ben have a secret man-crush on him, but then what’s not to like!?)

With everything that has been going on and the hectic life that Janey Lowes, founder of WECare Worldwide lives – plus a book launch chucked in mid-March – it’s no surprise there has been a short delay in getting this one live.

Based in Sri Lanka, the charity runs a veterinary surgery and program for the islands roaming dogs. After the tear-jerking program back in 2019, we got in touch with them and offered up our services, producing them a new website, for free, because we care.

Check out the work from the team and donate to help out this awesome charity run project.


How we can help you?

This will undoubtedly be an uncertain time for many. If you would like an emergency conference call to discuss immediate or longterm challenges, from budgets to new business opportunities, let’s get this in the diary.

We’ve been running for almost 12 years, and our founders have been in the industry for over 20. So, if you need some help with ideas of how to stimulate demand among your clients, we’re here for advice. It’s all about sharing the know-how.

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Right, that’s us for now, we’re off to stare at four walls.