Adding Images/Media

Images and Media can be inserted to enhance your content.

Add Media in WordPress

Adding Links

Links can be inserted either as a button or a text link. They can be used to open a stored file such as a PDF, image or URL.

Inserting a Link in WordPress

Adding Shortcodes

Shortcodes are tags used to enhance or insert basic text content. For example to create a button you would use:

[button url="" external="false"][/button]

Edited to be:

[button url="" external="true"]Button Text Here[/button]

This would create a link to the Fhoke website and open it in a new browser tab.

Inserting a WordPress Shortcode

Shortcode Types

There are eight basic shortcodes to format text with.

  • Button
    Creates a styled button for an internal (false) or external (true) link.
  • Full Width Image
    Inserts an image wider than the content width.
  • Boxed
    Creates a styled boxed to contain body content.
  • Icon Followed by Content
    Create a list using styled Ticks, Crosses or Numbers. Ideal for Pros and Cons.
  • Quote
    Creates a styled quote that will sit in the main body content.
  • Toggle Box
    Creates a text section that can expand to read more.
  • Table
    Inserts a table into any content section.
  • Grid and Grid Column
    These two go hand in hand to create a grid row that contains columns of varying width content.

To see examples of these in use see the [DO NOT DELETE] Page Templates under Pages.