We’re back, again! After a busy 2021, everyone needed some quality downtime to re-charge those batteries, and as we roll (quite literally) into 2022, we’ve hit the reset button and have hit the ground running.

We squeezed out two new websites before the Christmas break, one for a supplements company and another one for our favourite pastime – a car website. We also look back on 2021 and reminisce on the year.

Combat Fuel Chocolate Whey Protien

Giving supplements a shake-up

Combat Fuel is a supplement company founded by a veteran of the British army whose target is to supply the highest quality supplements to athletes of all abilities.

Alex came to us with a simple brief – to appeal to a broader market. To gain a wider interest, we got to work on cleaning up their packaging and rebuilding their website on WooCommerce, opting for bright colours, clean graphics and structured layouts. Now on the shelves, Combat Fuel’s products have reached the market with rave reviews and endless compliments about their refreshing, new style.

Load Up Your Basket

Corvette Care

Cherished Chevys. Lovingly restored.

For over 40 years, Corvette Care has provided enthusiasts with the very best restorations, maintenance and advice on all things Corvette, making it one of America’s premier Corvette restoration and performance facilities.

While the Corvette Care team was hard at it in the workshop, their website had taken a back seat. After years of neglect, the rot had set in, and it no longer promoted its business or the quality of its craftsmanship. That’s where we stepped in, building them a new brochure site on WordPress and hooking in WooCommerce for their online store.

Start Dreaming

2021 Wrapped

2021 Wrapped

If you missed it last time out, check out last years biggest success stories, from finally enjoying our new digs to face-to-face client meetings to some new faces.

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