Look at us. We’re all grown-up (well, sort of!).

We’ve spent the last six years in a converted cow shed and in all honesty, it’s been brilliant. The office space at Home Farm was exactly what Ben and I needed when we were just two designers smashing out the work without a care in the world. These days we have more people – four awesome folk that have us bursting with pride like parents with a new-born, and we need a new space to house their talents.

Why bother?

Unit 9, Home Farm, East Tytherley, Romsey.

It’s true, we have just about enough room, but like any old building, there are niggles. First off, it’s cold! Really bloody cold and that can be super uncomfortable. Then there are the windows. We’re surrounded by beautiful countryside but do you think we can see any of it? Hell no! Last but not least, it’s getting a little small. We all crave that bit more room. Whether we’re breaking out for a meeting or simply grabbing a game of darts away from the main studio. Our team deserve it.

Meet our new home

Dean Hill Park, Salisbury, Wiltshire.

We won’t be going far. Just three miles down the road is, Dean Hill Park. A place steeped in history where the Royal Navy stored heavy weapons for many years. Huge bunkers were built into the hillside, surrounded by sturdy brick workshops and it’s in one of these that we’ll be calling home from 2020.

We’re taking over two units. Light, bright, with central heating (how modern!), and a view across the most beautiful countryside. We’ll be cosying up to grazing farm animals this summer for sure.

So when do we move?

Christmas Day. No joke. We take over the new lease on the 25th December and move in a couple of days later. Come January 2020 you’ll find us at the following address:

First Floor
The Beeches
Dean Hill Park

Do come in and see us. Drop us a quick email or pick up the phone to check that we’re in, we’d love to show you around.

Oh, our new number is 01794 342 113.