From working with a national brand to working with creatives looking to make a change for good, this month has been packed full of goodness!

There’s also news on the horizon for us as we begin planning the launch of our own new website. You know how it goes, customers always come first, and then COVID got in the way… so things all got a bit delayed this year. Just a few pics to shoot and we’ll be sharing the goods.

Travis Perkins Property

Buy, buy, buy

A household name in the UK, Travis Perkins is the nation’s largest distributor of building materials. With over 2000 locations, they also have one of the country’s largest portfolio of commercial properties, and since October, some of these have been up for sale.

For a little over 12 months we’ve been working with Travis Perkins, helping them with everything from marketing material to UX design to prototyping. The recently launched Travis Perkins Property site is our first plan, design and build project for the brand – a destination to promote the various locations currently for sale.

Neck of The Woods Films

It’s all in the name

The Neck of The Woods name is ingrained in their philosophy, working to make their ‘neck of the woods’ that little bit better (see what they did there?). They help people in local communities tell their stories through video, working with organisations looking to make a change in their own regions.

Known as Broken Physics for six years, we helped to re-brand the team as, Neck of The Woods. An exciting journey that took us from brand strategy meetings through to new WordPress site launch.

Raw London

For the win!

We get our kicks out of working with brands that believe design makes a difference, so it’s always flattering when another creative company comes knocking wanting to work with us.

The latest is, Raw London. A strategic campaign agency, Raw are driven to inspire action and change for charities and brands who are looking to communicate. A B-Corp company, Raw also looks to work with brands that care about making more than just a profit.

Watch this space as we start to evolve their brand and create a new Wordpress website.