Annapurna live and breathe talent. They work across the permanent, interim and exec search markets with clients in Europe and North America. Catering to the needs of experienced HR, technology, sales and marketing professionals looking to grow and sustainably scale.

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Showcasing the brand of a London recruitment agency
Annapurna recruitment website design by Fhoke
CRM for recruiting

Working with some of the best CRM platforms for recruiting, we help recruitment agencies integrate into numerous systems or APIs to push and pull data. Annapurna has been working with Bullhorn for several years to help them handle publishing job roles and receiving applications directly from their website. Designed to improve Annapurna’s efforts in reaching out to the right candidates and filling job openings faster, Bullhorn has continued to help automate the new website and reduce the time spent managing the site’s content.

Brand identity for Annapurna recruitment agency by Fhoke
Website design for Annapurna recruitment agency by Fhoke

With bold colours and distinctive shapes in the logo, we took these and designed a bespoke WordPress theme that immediately captivates the viewer. We integrated custom illustrations throughout, injecting an element of uniqueness and personality. These illustrations narrate a story, taking the viewer on a visual journey that immerses them in the brand’s identity. The addition of playful animations on interactions enhances the overall experience without being distracting, making it engaging, informative, and unforgettable.


Responsive recruitment website design by Fhoke

To manage their job openings effectively, we utilised Bullhorn while relying on WordPress to handle everything else, from pages and menus to images and form submissions. We designed a convenient account area that allows candidates to save jobs, upload their CVs, and subscribe to regular email newsletters. The website boasts easy navigation and offers a powerful search feature, filters, and dedicated sections for companies searching for talent and individuals seeking employment opportunities.

Recruitment website design for recruitment agency Annapurna


We are passionate about helping recruitment agencies increase their leads by designing user-friendly, cost-efficient recruitment websites. Annapurna is a testament to our team’s expertise. With a bespoke WordPress theme, planned content strategy and navigation hierarchy, the new website showcases our passion for delivering an exceptional recruitment website.

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