Craft beer from London.

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Beer has gotten too complicated. At Fourpure, they believe in keeping things refreshingly simple. Making beer the way it should be. Full of flavour. Using four key ingredients. Brewed in Bermondsey, London. That’s it. Fourpure and simple.

Launch website
Fourpure Brewing Co.

Fourpure (part of Lion Little World) were looking for an agency that could help them deliver a new store in time to launch the companies major new re-brand. With an existing online shop that had become dated and frustratingly clunky to operate, the Fourpure marketing team required a modern platform that was secure and easy to use.

Fourpure Brewing Co.
Fourpure Brewing Co.

It was a no brainer; Shopify won hands down in offering Fourpure a sustainable well-managed e-commerce platform that could sell simple, discounted, and bundled products, as well as finding a way to visualise the user adding beers to a crate at checkout – a great way of trying to upsell a user to fill the missing slots with more beer.

Fourpure Brewing Co.
Fourpure Brewing Co.


We created a bespoke Shopify theme to give the new Fourpure brand a home and developed a shopping experience to make it simple for their customers to shop beers, merch and gifts. We also made sure that Fourpure’s marketing team were well looked after to give them an online shop that’s simple to manage, edit and expand over time.

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