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The super successful outdoor and lifestyle online magazine Gear For Life now sells the best blades and knives in the industry for anyone looking to adventure or survive in the wild.

Launch BigCommerce Store
Gear For Life BigCommerce Store by BigCommerce agency Fhoke
Gear For Life BigCommerce Website Design & Build by BigCommerce agency Fhoke

Gear For Life publishes the coolest, must-have gear to enhance the lives of EDC enthusiasts and knife collectors, hikers and survivalists, coffee drinkers and barbecue lovers all under one roof with in-depth reviews and articles. Unfortunately, their BigCommerce store had fallen by the wayside, was unloved and used an off-the-shelf theme that wasn’t fit for purpose.

BigCommerce User Interface Design for Gear For Life by BigCommerce agency Fhoke

As the EDC community knows, function and design trump everything else. That’s why we created a BigCommerce store that would reflect those values to appeal to a well-informed, no-nonsense audience. The store’s design is minimal, colours are kept simple, and the navigation is clear to help users get them from A to B quickly without the distraction and fuss of other eCommerce stores in the space.

BigCommerce Responsive Web Design for Gear For Life by BigCommerce agency Fhoke

The Gear For Life BigCommerce bespoke theme is streamlined and optimised to deliver a speedy shopping experience. The theme will help the team to present an ever-growing list of products in a very minimal, super slick user interface with BigCommerce working in the background to manage every product, purchase and stock control.

BigCommerce Shop Design and Build for Gear For Life by BigCommerce agency Fhoke


The success of the new store is a result of our web development team’s ability to work with multiple eCommerce platforms, from WooCommerce to Shopify and, of course, BigCommerce, and apply the lessons learnt from any of these to each new store, regardless of the platform, to help achieve the client’s goals.

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