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Nimvelo’s communication tools help businesses communicate more effectively with their customers while keeping their teams talking to each other, no matter where everyone is in the world.

Launch website
Fhoke Design Nimvelo Website

Nimvelo came to us with a problem to solve – how to make their brand as awesome, friendly and forward-thinking as their business? Simple. Take them back to basics and build them a new identity around their tools.

Nimvelo Illustrations

We designed and built a bespoke WordPress theme to showcase Nimvelo’s communication tools. Creating a custom set of illustrations we were able to add character to the brand, designed to appeal to their target market.

Nimvelo Wordpress Website

“We're so pleased with all the work you've put into it the site, and we're delighted with how it looks as a result.”

Charles Chance Managing Director


We delivered a site that showcases a range of tools in easily digestible chunks to help increase conversions. We also offered them ultimate flexibility with a modular website design, managed by a WordPress CMS. Nimvelo now has everything they need to push their business forward and to promote their suite of kick-ass products.

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