Papercast specialises in solar-powered bus stop displays – developing e-paper technology to combine features such as sunlight readable, weather, and vandal-proof units.

Launch website
Papercast is a custom Wordpress theme and brand designed by London web design agency Fhoke.
Fhoke Design Papercast Website

With a major new investor onboard and an updated vision for the company, Papercast required an overhaul to their brand to include a new logo, website, and printed material.


Starting with the company’s identity, we evolved the existing logo to make it simpler, more distinguishable, and usable across all types of media. With a new logo, colour palette, and font suit we created a bespoke WordPress theme that promotes the key messages and professionalism of the company. The new look also works well offline on banner stands and printed collateral.



Taking their product to market, Papercast have the right tools – with the new site – to help promote their technology across the globe. The website strikes the perfect balance of creativity, professionalism and information for the buyer and their technical teams.

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