Recruitment CRM (candidate relationship management) software is an invaluable tool for any recruitment agency looking to streamline its processes and increase its ability to find top talent. With the proper recruitment CRM software, recruiters can manage all aspects of their recruitment process in one place, from tracking job postings to interviewing and onboarding candidates.

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As a specialist recruitment website design agency, we have the privilege and know-how to discuss what makes a great recruitment CRM. We are passionate about helping recruitment agencies increase their leads by designing user-friendly, cost-efficient recruitment websites that work perfectly for your marketing teams. We’ve worked with market-leading platforms such as Bullhorn, Idibu and Broadbean, so we have the inside knowledge from clients about what works and what doesn’t. We’re sharing our experience here and looking at the best recruitment CRM software and how it can help boost your talent search.

What is a recruitment CRM?

A recruitment CRM is software or a platform designed to streamline and optimise the hiring and recruitment process. It allows recruitment agencies to manage and track candidate interactions in one centralised system, from sourcing to onboarding; a database for candidate information, storing resumes, contact details, and communication history, making searching and accessing candidate profiles easy.

The best recruitment CRM software will offer advanced features such as automated job postings, email campaigns, and analytics to help recruiters make data-driven decisions and save time when managing their websites. It simplifies hiring by allowing recruiters to collaborate and communicate effectively, eliminating manual tasks.

Recruiters can use a recruitment CRM to enhance their processes by helping to maintain those talent pools and nurturing relationships with candidates even when no immediate job openings exist. It enables personalised and targeted communication, increasing engagement and improving the candidate experience. With the proper recruitment CRM, recruiters can efficiently manage the entire recruitment lifecycle.

In summary, if you’re struggling to find candidates, the right recruitment CRM software will enable you to:

  • Attract, identify, and pinpoint outstanding applicants for your job opportunities
  • Assess your top applicants in real time and choose the best fit for your business
  • Push jobs to your own websites job board
  • And establish credibility by gaining the trust of potential hires, fostering their eagerness to join your team or companies you’re hiring for

Benefits of using a recruitment CRM

To meet the ever-demanding staffing needs and changes in companies’ attitudes to statistical data and a return on investment, recruiters must start looking to tech to support and review applications. The recruitment process doesn’t stop after sorting candidates for interviews. Building relationships with prospective hires is crucial to enhance the candidate experience.

Technology can help you streamline the candidate experience. Surprisingly, a 2020 Lever report on the status of recruitment highlights that only 45% of recruiters have sufficient technology and tools to create relationships with prospective hires. A recruitment CRM can fill this gap and improve your hiring process.

With the help of recruitment CRM software, you can acquire significant data regarding the potential candidates applying for an open position. This data is then used to construct personalised profiles for each applicant. The CRM software can review the profiles and identify who meets the required criteria, such as experience or qualifications, enabling you to choose the most eligible candidates for the interview quickly. By leaning on tech, you’ll save time and improve the success rate of your hiring process without always relying on more time-consuming aids such as LinkedIn or job boards.

Best Recruitment CRM Software for Boosting Talent Search

Top features to look for in recruitment CRM software

When searching for a recruitment CRM system, watch for these must-have features, from managing large volumes of candidate data effectively to storing templates for job postings, descriptions and email templates.

Talent pools

A talent pool comprises capable people with the qualifications to be hired for any future position. This list of prospects may include passive job seekers who do not appear to be actively searching yet still possess the necessary skill set, as outlined in their profile. A good recruitment CRM will give you the tools to organise these and handle candidate information.

Talent pipelines

Benefiting from a visualisation tool can provide clarity and help in understanding the progression of the recruiting process for every candidate, such as screening, interviewing, assessing skills, background checks, referencing, and making an offer.

Workflow automation

Recruiting CRMs are a powerful tool, saving time through automated features. Amongst the best systems are those that can carry out menial tasks, such as organising interviews, sending out reminders, and asking for references. Additionally, many systems support automated follow-up emails, allowing you to keep in touch with connections for potential future roles.

Staff reporting and analytics

Recruiting CRM platforms quickly accumulate copious amounts of data, so it’s important this can be stored safely and easily analysed. The most effective systems have integrated reporting, providing an overall view of recruiters’ productivity at agencies or recruiting organisations. Agency leaders can keep tabs on the efficiency of their business, enabling them to understand which areas are operating efficiently and spot any bottlenecks before they result in a loss of revenue.


And while agency leaders are focusing on growth through reporting, staff need the tools to prevent these bottlenecks. For recruitment agencies that use a recruitment CRM system look for tools that help them to collaborate on hiring efforts. Features like the ability to leave notes in candidate profiles and keep a centralised hub for all candidate-related communications will help everyone on the team to stay informed and on the same page.

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The best recruitment CRM software for WordPress

Take a quick peek at some of the recruitment CRM platforms we have experience working with. As a specialist recruitment website design agency, we have successfully joined forces with industry-leading recruitment CRM systems to help agencies administer their job opportunities and prospects. Start building a foundation for growth with the best CRM for recruiting.


Broadbean bills itself as the talent acquisition software, providing you with data and insights to optimise your recruitment strategy. Broadbean has partnered with over 70% of the world’s leading recruitment agencies, making it one of the most popular recruitment CRM software solutions, which is why we’ve had extensive exposure and use of the platform.

An advanced cloud-based recruiting platform that utilises a vast network of job boards, social networks, and other online recruitment channels. Broadbean can effectively distribute postings across multiple job portals and your website.

Broadbean empowers recruiters to source and track potential candidates efficiently. Recruiters can manage applicant responses and optimise their posting strategies by monitoring performance and streamlining the recruitment process. Additionally, users can leverage powerful features to locate previously sourced candidates and potential candidates from LinkedIn or other resume databases to find the perfect fit. Moreover, employees can refer suitable candidates. Because Broadbean integrates with third-party applicant tracking systems and websites while supporting mobile recruiting devices, it’s not hard to understand why it owns one of the largest market shares.

If your recruitment agency already uses Broadbean or is interested in using it, speak to our team, and we’ll get you started.


Bullhorn has everything you need in one place, and when the recruitment lifecycle is complex, having this recruitment CRM in your armoury is key to success.

To keep up with the demands of today’s agencies, it is crucial to have a system that allows for sourcing, searching, interviewing, placing, onboarding, and repeating tasks, all from one platform that serves as a reliable source of information. In this digital age, that system must be cloud-based, ensuring security and accessibility from anywhere, whether in an office, at home, or on the move. Bullhorn is the ideal solution for your team. It facilitates end-to-end recruitment process management and is a central hub for all other aspects of your technology stack.

With a feature-rich Bullhorn Plugin made for Wordpress, it’s never been easier to create a stunning website that benefits from WordPress’s powerful CMS while utilising the recruitment CRM platform, Bullhorn. Speak to our recruitment website agency experts to find out more.


Talent attraction has never been so easy with Idibu in your corner. Quick to set up Idibu is a multi-posting platform that empowers recruitment agencies to effortlessly distribute their job advertisements across various sites with minimal effort. With their ever-expanding global network of around 1200 boards and posting destinations, they can provide agencies with an extensive reach.

Whether you want to generate more business opportunities, enhance traffic, attract a larger customer base, or want the ability to post your ads on your website, Idibu offers integrations and tools to help the growth of your business.

With several WordPress plugins and services integrating with Idibu, our recruitment website design agency can integrate with their system out-of-the-box, automatically and without any need for additional work on their end.

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Other recruitment CRM software we recommend

Here’s a list of other best recruiting CRM systems on the market worth considering. These aren’t platforms we have ever integrated with WordPress, but they come highly recommended.

1. Jobvite

Best recruiting CRM for talent management and retention using AI and video.

2. Fetcher

Best recruitment CRM for automation, giving you more bandwidth to focus on the human side of recruiting.

3. Act!

Best recruiting CRM with access to details on the go from your iPhone, iPad, and Android with Act! Companion.

4. Zoho Recruit

Best recruitment CRM combined with a powerful ATS for scalability, customisation, and remote hiring tools.

5. Tracker

Best recruiting CRM with combined ARS tool with excellent automation to help your staffing or recruiting firm build better relationships, processes, and results.

6. Manatel

Best recruitment CRM for handling multiple clients, plus 24/5 live chat support for when things might go wrong.

7. JazzHR

Best recruiting CRM for candidate experience. Make an impact at each candidate touchpoint to attract and engage talent.

8. JobAdder

Best recruitment CRM with added ATS for off-the-chart productivity. Automate repetitive tasks like job posting, interview scheduling, candidate assessments, and onboarding new hires.

9. Recruit CRM

Best recruiting CRM software for early-career candidates with targeted and personalised campaigns that help you break through the noise and convert candidates to hires.

10. Yello

Best recruitment CRM software to build a frictionless talent pipeline, leverage best-in-class workflows and automation, simplify interview scheduling and evaluations, and integrate seamlessly with the rest of your HR tech stack.

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What is ATS?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) serve as repositories for applicants that assist in managing your company’s application process. ATS may seem to offer the same functionality as a recruitment CRM, but they have their differences, and both serve a purpose for a recruitment agency.


Both solutions have automation to help recruiters save time and improve time efficiency on manual tasks such as data entry. At the same time, teams can collaborate and work together on the same roles.

You can securely store candidate data in cloud services with pre-authorised access for certain users and access from anywhere across devices. That data can be organised with tools to remove duplicate profiles and reduce clutter.

And if you want to track your team’s performance, detailed reporting and analytics will keep everyone on track.


An ATS is only designed to track and manage applicant data. They also tend only to have a certain degree of automation. There may be more work for data entry with manual input, i.e. scanning a resume; fields may be left out that need to be manually added to the applicant profile after.

Our advice is to decide if you need one or the other. You can also choose both; most recruitment CRM systems have both baked in. But if one doesn’t, that might be the ultimate decision-maker on which CRM to choose.

Need help from the experts to choose the right CRM Software?

We design and build recruitment agency websites for agencies and have working relationships with some of the best recruitment CRM software companies. That puts us in a great position to assist your recruitment agency in finding the best recruitment CRM platform. Our team can create a shortcut to the best solution with unbiased recommendations to help you identify the platform that meets your agency’s needs. Our advice will help save you time and remove the hassle of the research process.

It only takes 5-10 minutes to share your goals with our team and get down to the nitty-gritty immediately. Send us a complete website brief to whet our appetite, and we’ll set you on the right path to a better recruitment CRM-driven website.

Recruitment website design experience

Bluetownonline recruitment agency website design by Fhoke
Uses the recruitment CRM platform Broadbean.

We’ve been working with Bluetownonline for almost six years. Initially, we inherited a wacky and wild brand that was heavily illustrated that we built a website around.

Since 2022 the company has been through a full re-brand with us with a new logo, photography and video, with the website being the cherry on the top. This site has similar functionality to Annapurna but uses Broadbean as the CRM.

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Annapurna recruitment website design by Fhoke
Uses the recruitment CRM platform Bullhorn.

We’ve worked with Annapurna for over eight years. There have been three websites designed and built by us during that time. The current website uses Bullhorn as a recruitment CRM platform to pull and push jobs.

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FOUND Careers London recruitment agency website design by Fhoke
FOUND Careers a London-based recruitment agency.
FOUND Careers

FOUND is a recruitment agency for a changing world, specialising in built environment recruitment, helping people and businesses with a more human and tailored approach. With an existing brand, we designed a website with design cues to reflect the build sector and constructed FOUND a website where they could manage jobs, CV submissions and resources for candidates.

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