Ready to take home decor to the next level? Look no further than FabricGenie. FabricGenie is an AI-powered fabric design service from The Millshop Online that allows you to easily create exactly the pattern you’re looking for without searching endlessly through stores. With FabricGenie’s generative AI, you can describe the type of design you want, and FabricGenie will do the rest. Step into the future of home decor and let FabricGenie help you create the perfect pattern for your drapes or blinds.

What is FabricGenie, and how does it work?

FabricGenie is a revolutionary new service that utilises generative AI to give customers the fabric patterns they desire for their home decor. With FabricGenie, customers can either describe in detail the type of design they are looking for or upload images of their room or colour schemes they wish to match and let the AI generate suitable options.

Once a customer submits their request, the generative AI generates four options, each with varying levels of similarity to the customer’s request. Customers can refine their requests and continue to receive new options until they find the perfect match for their home decor needs.

FabricGenie’s AI-powered fabric design service is perfect for anyone who struggles to find the exact pattern they want in-store or online. With its user-friendly interface and reliable generative AI, FabricGenie is transforming the world of home decor and making it easier for people to find the perfect fabric for their unique style and aesthetic.

AI can help design unique drapes for your home from a photo of your room.
AI can help design unique drapes for your home from a photo of your room.

Getting started with FabricGenie

Getting started with FabricGenie is simple and user-friendly. Customers can easily navigate the website to the FabricGenie product and describe their desired design, such as colour, pattern, and theme. The AI algorithms then analyse the input and generate various design options that align with the customer’s preferences.

But what truly sets FabricGenie apart is its commitment to customer satisfaction. Rather than relying solely on digital renderings, the company understands the importance of seeing and feeling the fabric in person. That’s why, for a nominal fee, The MillShop Online will send out a sample printed with the chosen design. This allows customers to envision the final product and make necessary adjustments before placing their order.

The success stories of FabricGenie’s customers are a testament to the effectiveness of this AI-powered platform. From intricate floral patterns to modern geometric designs, FabricGenie has fulfilled countless unique requests. Customers have expressed their delight at achieving the fabric design they had envisioned, elevating their homes to new levels of style and personalisation.

Looking to the future, the possibilities for AI-powered fabric designs are endless. FabricGenie will undoubtedly push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in home decor as the technology advances. With FabricGenie, customers can enter a new era of customisability, where their imagination is the only limit.

How we got involved

We always strive to stay ahead of the curve with technology and innovation. So, we knew we had to get involved when The Millshop Online approached us to help them bring their new service, FabricGenie, to life.

Our journey with FabricGenie started when we collaborated with their consultant and our client, Danny Richman, the mastermind behind this groundbreaking concept. Danny’s vision was to harness the power of AI and bring it into the realm of home decor by creating a platform where customers could customise their fabric designs. With our expertise in Shopify development and eCommerce, we were excited to be part of this groundbreaking project and help integrate his platform into the store.

From the initial discussions to the launch of FabricGenie, the journey was a whirlwind of creativity and collaboration. We worked closely with Danny to understand his vision and bring it to life in 12 weeks. With our API and Laravel knowledge, we helped integrate his platform to interpret customers’ design descriptions and generate unique fabric patterns.

Throughout the development process, our team was inspired by the endless possibilities FabricGenie could offer customers. We knew that this AI-powered platform had the potential to revolutionise the home decor industry. Collaborating with The MillShop Online and Danny Richman on FabricGenie was a rewarding project. It allowed us to push what was possible in home decor, and we’re proud to have played a role in bringing this innovative service to life.

“One of the things I keep saying about AI is, rather than just trying to find something that it can do, that humans are already doing, and trying to replace them, is to find things we can do with this technology that are not already being done.”

Danny RichmanThe Millshop Online
AI can take a sketch or design to create a pattern for blinds on FabricGenie
AI can take a sketch or design to create a pattern for blinds on FabricGenie.

Customer success stories and examples of AI-powered fabric designs

FabricGenie has only been up and running for a short period, but it’s already transforming the world of home decor. Customers are flocking to the service in their thousands to create custom designs that suit their unique tastes and styles.

Some of the more unusual requests FabricGenie has received include former British Prime Minister Theresa May surrounded by food and gothic designs featuring mysticism and witchcraft. However, most of The Millshop Online customers have opted for more conventional floral and striped patterns.

No matter the design, FabricGenie ensures that it meets standards for quality and appropriateness with a human layer of moderation, carefully screening requests to ensure it doesn’t include offensive content or trademarked brands.

A selection of different AI designs for specific hobbies or interests created by FabricGenie
A selection of different AI designs for specific hobbies or interests created by FabricGenie.

The future of home decor and fabric design with AI

With the march of AI-powered designs, it was only a matter of time before home decor and fabric design were set to be transformed under its power. FabricGenie is the pioneering change in this sector, changing how we customise our fabrics.

There might be some concern that AI, like in other sectors, will replace people who, in this case, are talented interior designers, but we don’t see it that way. Nothing can replace experience and training. Instead, interior designers can utilise FabricGenie as a valuable tool for their services, allowing them to create something unique and tailored to their client’s preferences. The possibilities are endless with this technology – designers can now specify exact Pantone colour names and cater to even their clients’ most specific hobbies or interests. For example, if your granddad was a Spitfire pilot, you can have curtains or blinds designed to reflect his passion.

Currently, FabricGenie offers drapes, blinds, and loose fabric, but the future holds the promise of expanding its AI-powered product range. It’s time to embrace the future of home decor with FabricGenie and experience the unlimited creativity it brings to the world of fabric design. For a whole industry that tends to be resistant to any innovation in the past 35-40 years, The Millshop Online is trial-blazing the way.