I’m Grant, and I recently joined the team at Fhoke as a design intern after graduating from Winchester School of Art last year.

Originally from Southampton, I moved back to the city after finishing university and was lucky enough (and maybe a little surprised) to stumble across a design studio that creates the quality of work that Fhoke does, and only down the road! I contacted Ben and Brett on a whim in hopes of gaining some experience or even having a chat, and nearly two months down the line, I’ve worked on a bunch of projects from brand design to responsive sites with these guys.

I studied a few creative courses at college; graphic design, fine art, music technology and have always been a gamer. I also took a computer programming course. I did better in some than others but enjoyed them all, but never really had any intentions to apply for university. However, having enjoyed working on several design projects at college and in my spare time, I took a foundation course in art, design and media at university. This weird course full of wonderful artistic people opened my eyes to what graphic design could be, inspired me and eventually persuaded me into applying for university. During my uni years, I began to reintroduce the ambition and the (few) skills I had in programming to create digital experiments and websites, leading me to realise that digital design is really where it’s at.

“For me, there’s not many things more satisfying than seeing a design I’ve produced being used.

Some of my first freelance work was for a few metal and hardcore bands, a Chinese supermarket and then a rather large project for an architectural exhibition. I quickly (and I mean quickly) realised that working for clients can come with its pains and frustrations, but it’s also incredibly rewarding.

Since taking up a desk at Fhoke, I’ve learnt new ways of thinking, techniques, and just general experience in doing it. Due to the nature of being in a smaller sized team, I feel my work matters, and the responsibility that comes with this has been a welcome breath of fresh air. It’s great to design alongside creators, and it’s even better when you’re proud of the work you’re producing and the client loves it.