As we turn the corner on the year and look ahead at how few weeks are left, we’re taking stock of all the good that’s happened in the past month.

We mentioned in our last update that we love a car brand, so we’re excited for the chance to work on another, this time on the other side of the pond. We’ve also started shaping a new brand for an established London recruitment group. Plus, to top it off, there’s big team news this month.

Heritage Driven and Fhoke work together on new website.

Reworking a beloved icon

The Land Rover Defender is one of the world’s greatest and most reliable expedition vehicles; an iconic safari vehicle, a trusted UN and foreign aid truck and a military and special operations vehicle. Under even the most extreme conditions, the Defender takes a beating and gets the job done.

Heritage Driven builds on that tradition exclusively for the American market importing original Defenders and stripping them down to the chassis. Every bolt, panel, and piece are replaced, refurbished, refined and upgraded to the customers’ exact specifications. The result is a classic vehicle – reborn and rebuilt for the 21st century.

That’s why we are super excited to announce a collaboration with the HD team, bringing them a new WordPress site that reflects the brand’s ethos and promotes these iconic builds. Currently, under development, the new website should see the light of day early in the new year. For now, check out their stunning builds.

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New logo for The Evolve Group a London recruitment agency.

Making our mark on hospitality

In late summer, we had the privilege of being chosen to work with the fantastic team at Evolve Hospitality, a London recruitment agency for the hospitality industry.

After partnering with several other hospitality brands, a parent company was created, The Evolve Group, to bring everyone into the fold, that’s when we were asked to step in.

We’ve already created a new brand identity for the group with a WordPress website and three sub-branded sites up next. That sounds like a lot of work, so we’d best get back to it.

Beth Larcombe

Saving the best for last

It’s been a whirlwind few months with projects; we’re now booked into late February, which is fantastic. That’s why it was time to find the next creative talent to join the team.

We struck lucky and welcomed the newest member, Beth, in October. Her style bowled us over, along with her big personality, and she has well and truly made her mark on the studio after just a few weeks. We’re excited to see where things head for us all.

No doubt everyone will meet Beth soon, so say hello when you do and have fun working with her. We sure do.