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Andover Forktruck Services

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When reliability is everything

Andover Forktruck Services, are a family run company situated in Andover, UK and have been supplying new and refurbished fork trucks and handling equipment to customers for the past 38 years.

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Andover Forktruck Services

The Brief

As an existing client we knew what made the team at Andover Forktruck Services tick. We were tasked to design a new site for the company having built the original website in 2009. The new website needed to introduce a new range of products for hire as well as reflecting the wider changes and growth the company had been through during that time.

Beautifully responsive so you can view on the fly or in the ad breaks.

Andover Forktruck Services
Andover Forktruck Services
Andover Forktruck Services

The Solution

Scrapping a bespoke CMS, we developed the new site on WordPress with a set of bespoke templates for every page. Using bolder colours, heavier title text, and a cleaner typeface for the body we gave Andover Forktruck Servives a strikingly simple identity with a more masculine look and feel.

Easy to update

Andover Forktruck Servives needed a robust CMS to handle the ongoing updates their site required. Our solution was a heavily customised WordPress dashboard featuring all sorts of awesome wizardry.

Andover Forktruck Services

The Result

A beautiful looking website that trumps any other site in their sector. The new website is bold, super slick, and features some fancy hover states to give the final touch and polish.

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