Successfully staffing corporates, SMEs and councils, Bluetownonline connects companies with genuine candidates. Their technology lead job software matches prospects with their dream careers and gets companies seen on social media platforms, national job boards, publications, search engines, PPC advertising, and forums.

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Helping pivot the brand of a London based recruitment agency.
Bluetownonline recruitment agency website design by Fhoke

In 2017, Bluetownonline enlisted our help to design and develop a recruitment website that showcased its unique branding and integrated with Broadbean, a recruitment CRM platform. Fast-forward to 2022, and with a shift in their services, Bluetownonline approached us once more with an open brief to modernise and rebrand their flourishing business.

Fhoke quickly became a lifesaver for Bluetownonline as the company struggled with its identity crisis. Bluetownonline needed a brand identity to help them stand out from its competitors and position itself as a technology-driven recruitment platform. We collaborated with their team to create a new brand identity that reflected their core values and emphasised their technology prowess. We started by designing a new logo representing their vision and values while being easily recognisable.

Our designers worked tirelessly to create a unique, modern, and vibrant identity that grabs the attention of businesses and candidates and leaves a lasting impression. The new logo was then integrated into a comprehensive brand identity system, including typography, colour schemes, graphics, and imagery. This new branding system gave Bluetownonline a distinct personality that resonated with its core audience. Moreover, the brand identity system was developed around Bluetownonline’s technology-focused approach. It represented Bluetownonline’s mission to simplify recruitment and its commitment to providing innovative technology solutions that help recruiters hire faster and more efficiently.

Branding by recruitment website design agency Fhoke for Bluetownonline a recruitment agency
Design system for Bluetownonline a recruitment agency by recruitment website design agency Fhoke
Brand identity for Bluetownonline recruitment agency by Fhoke
Brand guidelines for Bluetownonline recruitment agency by Fhoke

We embraced the challenge of working with the new vibrant brand to design a website that would make a lasting impact on visitors. Using bold colours and distinctive shapes, we carefully crafted a digital space that instantly captivates the viewer. Custom illustrations were incorporated throughout, adding an element of uniqueness and personality. These illustrations tell a story, taking the viewer on a visual journey that immerses them in the brand’s identity.

We also worked on creating digital assets that further solidified the brand’s positive impact. These assets were carefully designed to align with the vibrant and distinctive style of the brand, leaving a strong impression on users across various touchpoints. From social media posts to online advertisements, every interaction with the brand leaves an unforgettable mark in people’s minds.

Responsive recruitment website design by Fhoke

Determined to develop a stunning bespoke WordPress theme that would resonate with their users and represent the brand’s identity effectively we conducted extensive research on user preferences, industry trends, and customer needs. We focused on designing a responsive site that offered a smooth user experience on all devices. We ensured that their offerings and services were easily distinguishable for both job seekers and companies and the navigation hierarchy was planned to guide users throughout the website seamlessly. We designed each page and section to provide an effortless browsing experience. The ultimate goal? To ensure that every visitor to the website finds precisely what they were looking for.

Recruitment website design for recruitment agency Bluetownonline

We have used Fhoke for our two websites over the years. Their innovative and client-led designs have created striking and effective websites, and their other design work, including logos, are absolute strokes of genius. They are a huge talent and very easy to work with, actively working with you to produce innovative design pieces!

Guy Simpson Owner of Bluetown Recruitment


Our team’s experience in branding, bespoke WordPress themes, content strategy, and navigation hierarchy shines through on Bluetownonline—proof of our commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience. With playful animations adding a unique and engaging touch to the website, we’ve helped them stand head and shoulders above the competition for many more years.

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