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The Savvy Backpacker

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  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development

Travel for less

The Savvy Backpacker show you how to travel Europe on a budget. With in-depth, interesting and insightful articles they will give you the skills and knowledge you need in order to travel more and spend less.

Launch Site
The Savvy Backpacker

The Brief

The Savvy Backpacker required a new website built on a reliable and easy to use CMS. They needed new branding and digital assets to help them stand out in their space. They also needed an agency that would work closely with them, offer advice, and go the extra mile.

Beautifully responsive so you can view on the fly or in the ad breaks.


The Savvy Backpacker
The Savvy Backpacker
The Savvy Backpacker

The Solution

The Savvy Backpacker jumped at the chance to evolve their logo into something striking and new. Working closely with founder James, we helped re-position the new look and website content, packaging it up into easy to digest sections that really help their audience get the most out of travel.

Easy to update

The Savvy Backpacker needed a robust CMS to handle the ongoing updates their site required. Our solution was a heavily customised WordPress dashboard featuring all sorts of awesome wizardry.

The Savvy Backpacker
The Savvy Backpacker

The Result

Sporting a bold new look The Savvy Backpacker has established itself as a leading voice in the travel industry. The new city guides section has helped them become the go-to site for European travellers on a budget, while the increased ad units have helped monetize the site further.


Launch site

I spent a lot of time hemming and hawing over which agency to choose to redesign my site. I'm glad I chose the good folks at Fhoke. They were super collaborative and listened to all my crazy ideas. Luckily, they ignored my bad suggestions and gave me a finished website that exceeded my expectations. Plus, they type in a British accent — which makes their emails extra classy.

James Feess - The Savvy Backpacker

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