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Wilderness Today

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  • Branding
  • Icons & Illustration
  • Website Design
  • WordPress Development

Taking things to another level

Wilderness Today is your authoritative resource for everything to do with hunting, survival, camping, and the great outdoors. It’s the perfect destination if you’re a fisherman, survivalist or camper.

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Wilderness Today

The Brief

Wilderness Today required a new website built on the reliable CMS, WordPress. They wanted a new brand and a look and feel that would help them stand out in their space. The site also needed to generate more revenue through increased ad units and increase email newsletter sign-ups.

Beautifully responsive so you can view on the fly or in the ad breaks.


Wilderness Today
Wilderness Today
Wilderness Today

The Solution

With an established audience, Wilderness Today embraced the chance to change their dated logo. We worked closely with the company’s founder, Jason to help strike the right balance to the new look of the website, packaging it up into easy to digest categories to help users get the most out from their content.

Easy to update

Wilderness Today needed a robust CMS to handle the ongoing updates their site required. Our solution was a heavily customised WordPress dashboard featuring all sorts of awesome wizardry.

Wilderness Today

The Result

With a strong new identity, Wilderness Today can continue to establish themselves as a leading voice in the outdoors community. The newly streamlined articles and better use of real estate have ensured user engagement, resulting in more page views and an increase in revenue.

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The Fhoke team has helped me on two projects now and will certainly be assisting me with a third in the next six months. While there are a lot more positive things I could say, I’ll keep it short and give my quick opinion while working with each of them. Ben has been awesome keeping me in check, Brett’s design concepts provided me with a real brand and logo I can build upon for my business, and Seb skills I trust explicitly. Thanks again to the team for all the hard work and support!

Jason Wilson - Wilderness Today

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