Why Do You Use WordPress?

April 08, 2015 – by Fhoke

Whilst most clients have heard of WordPress they might not know what it can do, so we’re often asked:

“Why will it benefit me and will it be easy to use?”.

We thought it was about time we explained why we choose it as our go to platform when building a content managed site.

What is WordPress?

WordPress started out life as a blogging platform. In the past you would have found sites using it as a separate tool to manage the news or blog areas from the main content management system (CMS). Over time WordPress has developed into a powerful CMS managing all aspects of a website.

From a basic level it enables you to add, edit and manage any page, article or media file on your website and with thousands of third party plug-ins that are either free or cheap to licence we can pretty much build anything you want.

When We Use WordPress

For most of our clients we’ll choose to use WordPress. The majority of websites today run standard and bespoke text pages, blog or news sections and have various features like galleries, contact forms, logins and basic ecommerce needs. WordPress and the thousands of plugins available can handle all those requirements no problems asked and that’s why we’ll use WordPress to fit your needs over a bespoke CMS.

From adding social media links, to creating an online shop we can cut our costs by integrating these plugins rather than building something from scratch.

Why It Benefits You

There are still web companies out there (and we hear of them a lot) who like to charge a ‘reasonable’ upfront cost for a website to get you on board only to charge questionable fees to make changes to your website, every time, and for the simplest of updates. That’s just wrong!

We build our sites on WordPress as it makes it very easy for you to change and add content yourself. We’ll also give you a tutorial on how to update all the areas of your website.

Going forward you’ll be able to login through any browser, from anywhere in the world and update your site on the fly, without having to use us. We package you up with a website that works.

When your requirements change and you need that shopping cart or you need that members area added to your site WordPress will have a plugin ready for the job, and with a bit of magic from us we’ll get your new features up and running quickly.

Other Solutions

90% of the time we’ll use WordPress but for more complex sites where we can’t we’ll use a bespoke CMS relying on programming languages such as PHP.

There isn’t really anything we can’t do and we’ll always choose the right platform for you and your future needs. Whatever you’re looking to do we can help. Pick up the phone, drop us an email or pop in for a chat.