We say it every December but this year really has been special. We’ve welcomed some fantastic new clients and partnered with a few agencies to add a string to their bow. Twenty nineteen also brings an end to our second studio as we prepare to move onwards and upwards (literally), in the new year.

The highlights

Before we down tools and kick back with a Bailey’s and mince pie, we’ve gone all gooey-eyed looking back on 2019. There was a fresh look, some brilliant ideas, and now a new beginning to look forward to.

We ‘officially’ became six

We’re cautious folk, and while we try to take our own advice (to be braver) it still took us eight years before we started to grow, and this March we took the tally to the grand ole’ total of six. Mind you, that’s still very small in agency terms (must be braver, must be braver). Kasia and Charlie joined us late last year and we couldn’t be more complete right now, they smashed the first six months and over a year on they continue to keep us beaming with pride.

Together we are better

Few people know this, but earlier this year we toyed with the idea of a new name (shock!). In the end, we stayed true to our roots and stuck with our unique name. After 10 years of gawping at the same bulky logo, it was about time we went under the knife and had a bit of a trim.

Fhoke Logo

With a new logo, it got us thinking about why we started out on this journey. When Fhoke began, we made it our mission to create great work while still having fun. It was never about ‘taking over the world’ or ‘making millions’ (although never say never!), It was about enjoying what we did best – being creative.

Eleven years on and we’ve built a studio where we hope people want to work, and an agency we know people want to work with. That’s why we created our cultural manifesto. Plus, it helps to make us feel all grown-up!

Big ideas

At the start of the year, we set out some personal goals to hit before we packed up this Christmas, but like most of these ‘New Year, New Me’ plans, a few fell by the wayside. Especially when we’re helping you lovely people out with your own ideas. So while we didn’t hit all our goals, we did carve out enough time to get shit done.

The first of these ‘big ideas’ was to launch our own Shopify StoreThe Best Logos – a place where we could breathe new life into discarded logo concepts.

We also launched our first SaaS productProper Proposals. This tool has been a crucial part of our success over the past year, allowing us to respond to, sign-off new prospects, and take payments with ease. We’re generous here at Fhoke and decided that it would be rude to keep it all to ourselves so launched it to the public in Q4 of 2019.

On top of all that we’ve also launched a few WordPress plugins. A support widget for our hosted clients containing guides on how to use WordPress and a payment form that ties into Stripe allowing you to take payments instantly on-site. Interested in either of these? Then let us know.

Dean Hill Park, Salisbury, Wiltshire.
New offices. Yay!
Did you hear the news…

…we’re packing up the studio? Don’t worry, we’re not packing things in for good (phew!). Instead, we’re moving into a new space that’s almost twice the size to give our good folk more room to jump around in.

We’ve spent six years slowly outgrowing our current space, and this Christmas we’ll be ditching the woolly jumpers and gloves (yes, it gets that cold) and packing everything up. Mr Potato Head may have to stay, but the office dartboard is definitely coming with.

Blowing smoke

We’ve been busier this year than ever and here’s the proof. We’ve launched almost thirty websites and helped brand the odd start-up, several corporates, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry in-between. Here are a few of those projects that we are super proud of.

Paddle + Wake
Paddle + Wake

Everything that Paddle + Wake do revolves around exploring nature. From getting the most out of every journey to chasing waters around the globe. They’re taking paddleboarding from a weekend hobby to a world-class sport by creating groundbreaking products, supporting the world’s best riders, and pushing more people to experience life on the water.

Metal & Gas
Metal & Gas

The parent company of our beloved (and hugely successful) Classic Ford Broncos, Metal & Gas is everything to all vehicles. A place to sell classic motors and restorations from different manufacturers including Chevy, Porsche, and Land Rover.


Nimvelo has created a suite of tools to help connect your team to your customers no matter where they are in the world. Nimvelo’s new WordPress site is designed to keep everyone talking – a cloud-based phone system and collaboration space that enables teams to work together with ease.

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Unlock the true potential of your digital marketing with the help of Loom Digital (formally known as Digirank). For over ten years, Loom has been transforming businesses with its award-winning integrated digital marketing. Helping all kinds of ambitious businesses to improve their online presence and make digital work for them commercially.

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What’s up next?

A new decade, that’s what’s up. For us? No more cold, no more CO2 poisoning, no more smelly toilets, and no more crumbling walls. We’ll welcome in our new office with its shiny new kitchen and loos, windows we can actually see out of, lights that don’t flicker when it’s cold, a door that keeps a breeze out, and heating that actually works. Here’s to 2020!

Want to share your goals and ambitions for next year then drop us a message and let us in on your plans.