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For over 40 years, Corvette Care has provided enthusiasts with the very best restorations, maintenance and advice on all things Corvette, making it one of America’s premier Corvette restoration and performance facilities.

Launch website
Corvette Care WordPress website by London WordPress agency Fhoke
Corvette Care Website Design by London WordPress agency Fhoke

While the Corvette Care team was hard at it in the workshop, their website had taken a back seat. After years of neglect, the rot had set in, and it no longer promoted their business or the quality of their craftsmanship. That’s where we stepped in.

Corvette Care Website Design by London WordPress agency Fhoke
Corvette Care Responsive Web Design by London WordPress agency Fhoke

We set to work, designing an impressive new site that puts the car’s front and centre. No company trades for the best part of half a century on craftsmanship alone – high-quality service, the very best customer care, and a wealth of expertise keeps people coming back. The new website design houses all this, plus multiple opportunities to book appointments, connect or contact.

Corvette Care Responsive Wordpress Theme by London WordPress agency Fhoke

For us, there was only one option – WordPress. Corvette Care needed a site that would look great and function with all of the flexibility that we could pack into a CMS. The result is a site that feels fresh on the frontend, with a highly configurable backend to match.

Corvette Care Wordpress Website Design by London WordPress agency Fhoke

“Bravo Team! It’s awesome. I’m very pleased with the look, and love the overall result.”

Ryan Srbljan Founder

The result

Our best work is done when we’re in constant contact with our customers, and this project was no different. Two parties from different sides of the pond, working as one. The result is a website that showcases Corvette Care as a leader in its field. It’s one that we can be as proud of as they are. Teamwork does make the dream work.

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