Yukon 1000

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It’s tough. Real tough. Meet the Yukon 1000 – the worlds most gruelling survival and endurance race.

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Yukon 1000 Website

A paddle race like no other. One thousand miles from Canada to the Arctic Circle, unsupported in pure isolation, it’s a real test of self-survival. A new website was the order of the day – a site that was as imposing as the challenge itself, after all, the Yukon 1000 is not for the faint hearted.

Yukon 1000

We designed a striking new site, building on the foundations of an existing brand. Dark and imposing, yet full of adventure, the new website captures the spirit of the race and everything that it stands for.

Yukon 1000

Bold statements, brave layouts and subtle page animations bring the Yukon 1000 to life online. The team now has a site that will help promote their annual events, attracting some of the fiercest competitors from all corners of the globe.

Yukon 1000

“We loved working with the team at Fhoke – from start to finish their service was top quality. From the time they spent listening to us and building the creative to the systems and tools that they use that make the entire process rather painless. We particularly appreciated that they communicate clearly on deadlines, were patient with our requests during the design phases and worked hard to ensure the finished product was how we wanted it. We look forward to working with them again for our next project.”

Petra Gale Founder


Designed to attract and convert, the new Yukon 100 website couples aesthetics with everyday practicality that you need when running a sports event.

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