New Legend 4×4


New Legend 4×4 take classic offroaders and turn them into incredible modern machines. Their Legend and Runner series SUVs aim to keep the classic Scout alive while offering a contemporary driving experience.

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New Legend 4x4 is an automotive website based in the USA by Fhoke a London web design agency.
New Legend 4x4 WordPress website designed by web design agency Fhoke.

New Legend 4×4 is the kingpin of restoring Scout trucks. Based in the heart of the Midwest, this US brand work on rebuilding these classic motors for clients from all backgrounds. Unfortunately, while the builds are worth selling your arm for, their previous site didn’t reflect the brand’s offering. Through word of mouth, they found us and asked for our help to remove the kinks and keep the New Legend 4×4 brand moving in the right direction.

New Legend 4x4

With a mammoth task ahead, we scrapped the old New Legend 4×4 site, created a new look, and ran with a holding page while the main site was being built. With thousands of images to pick through and high-end video production, we were spoilt with assets. Building on the success of the holding page, we elevated this look, pulled everything together, and created a visual delight. To add the finishing touches, we sprinkled subtle animations throughout the pages, from transitions to hover states and scroll effects.

New Legend 4x4

If you’re passionate about off-roading and adventure, the Builds page on the newly redesigned New Legend 4×4 website is a must-visit. This page showcases the latest builds and customisation options, allowing you to discover the perfect vehicle matching your unique needs and preferences.

With the expanded gallery on the newly redesigned New Legend 4×4 website, customers and admirers can browse through high-quality images and videos of the truck builds, transporting them to stunning destinations that will ignite a sense of adventure and wanting more. Each image tells a story, inviting you to imagine yourself behind the wheel, conquering challenging terrain and creating unforgettable memories.

New Legend 4x4

“The team at Fhoke have a keen eye for design and style! They crafted us a beautiful and highly functional site that will greatly enhance telling the brand story of New Legend 4x4!”

Sean Barber Founder of New Legend 4x4


Working so closely with almost every team member – from mechanics to marketing to the owner – the New Legend 4×4 site has been a team effort on both sides of the Atlantic. The revamp has given the brand a look that is the envy of its closest competitors and a destination the company can be proud to send potential customers. The New Legend 4×4 website has been a roaring success.

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